05.24.11 // GeekGirlCon Book Club

GeekGirlCon Book Club

We are excited to present an interactive experience for our staff and friends to discuss books written by the GeekGirlCon special guests. We can’t think of a better way to prepare for the con than read these works before meeting our guests in October. Thanks for being a part of GeekGirlCon forums!

How the GeekGirlCon Book Club Works:

GeekGirlCon will announce a book on the bookclub forum (announcement will be on a Thursday about two weeks before the discussion).

You will have two weeks to get a copy of the book and start on the reading.

That month’s host will post a new thread for discussion with some questions and thoughts to get the dialogue going.

Awesome discussion and insights ensue.

Discussion thread will remain open for about a month.

The thread will be closed on the last Thursday of the month and a summary of discussion will be posted there and on the GeekGirlCon Blog. This summary will include the host’s thoughts as well as interesting ideas generated those posting in the forum.

Help support GeekGirlCon and use our Amazon affiliate link if purchasing books from Amazon.

May: Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds by Gail Simone, led by Julia Santo
June: Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them by edited by Lynn Thomas and Deborah Stanish, led by Jennifer K. Stuller
July: Hopeless Savages by Jen Van Meter, led by Erica McGillivray
August: Girls Against Girls by Bonnie Burton, led by Arwen Morton
September: Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka, led by Lani Blazier


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05.24.11 // Blog your love of Nancy Drew with GeekGirlCon and Her Interactive

GeekGirlCon and Her Interactive present a Nancy Drew Blogging Carnival

Seattle, WA- May 2011- Tell us about your first Nancy Drew! Was it a tattered hand-me-down paperback, or a well-worn library book, or maybe a brand-spanking new hardcover received on a special occasion? Or, just maybe, you saved weeks of allowance for a trip to the bookstore. For many of us at GeekGirlCon, Nancy Drew holds a very special place in our hearts and is a formative force in creating our girl-power mindset. GeekGirlCon, a convention celebrating geeky women, and Her Interactive, the developer and publisher of Nancy Drew games, honor Nancy Drew with a blogging carnival this spring. Pay your respect to the classic girl detective and blog about her with us.

It’s easy! GeekGirlCon asks you to write an article, a story, a song, or create fan-art about Nancy Drew during the month of May. Please keep it PG-13. On June 10th, post your creation to your blog. Make sure to send a link to your post to GeekGirlCon’s Online Media Manager, Stephanie Wooten at onlinemedia@geekgirlcon.com. GeekGirlCon will blog about the carnival including a list of links we received from participants.

To have your link included in the GeekGirlCon blog post, you must remember to send your link to onlinemedia@geekgirlcon.com by 8 p.m. PST on June 10, 2011. Please note, GeekGirlCon reserves the right to exclude any content deemed inappropriate from the final list of contributors posted on GeekGirlCon.com.

Among the bloggers will be GeekGirlCon staff and volunteers celebrating our favorite teen sleuth. GeekGirlCon and Her Interactive believe that Nancy Drew is not a girl of the past, but one of the future. The legacy of Nancy Drew lives on as we introduce Nancy Drew books to our daughters, nieces, and family friends. And now, thanks to Her Interactive, we can give interactive games.

Her Interactive recently launched its first Nancy Drew app, Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch, which is available on the App Store for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Part game and part story, this interactive gamebook app lets players decide how the story unfolds as they play games and solve mysteries, both big and small. In Shadow Ranch, everyone’s favorite teen detective is off on a new sleuthing adventure, complete with all the twists and turns readers – and game players – have come to love in a Nancy Drew mystery. But in this app adventure, both reading and game play are critical to solving the mystery. And, there’s more than one way to solve this mystery.

“With our new Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries apps, we’re melding the elements of a great mystery novel with the interactive experience of a video game to introduce a story-based gamebook,” says Megan Gaiser, CEO of Her Interactive. “You’re no longer just reading a Nancy Drew mystery; you’re fully engaged and influencing how the mystery unfolds as you play the story.”

Girls are often not a priority for the game industry. With so many titles actively made for or are targeted to boys and men, it is not surprising that adolescent and teen girls are an untapped market. But Her Interactive is leveling the playing field. The award-winning Nancy Drew game series created and produced by Her Interactive provides characters, story lines, and games designed to appeal directly to teen girls.

About GeekGirlCon

GeekGirlCon is a Seattle nonprofit dedicated to promoting awareness of and celebrating the contribution and involvement of women in the sciences, science fiction, comics, gaming, and related Geek culture. The first ever GeekGirlCon will be October 8-9, 2011 at the Seattle Center Northwest Rooms. See GeekGirlCon.com for more details and our list of special guests.

Find GeekGirlCon on Twitter @GeekGirlCon or Facebook.

About HerInteractive

Her Interactive is the leading mystery-maker and pioneer of fun and inspiring interactive mystery adventures played by females, young and old. The company, with 23 awards to its name, designs, develops and publishes high-quality, mystery adventure games and is the world leader in the mystery gaming category. Her Interactive’s Nancy Drew games have sold more than 8 million units with each game surpassing sales of the prior. This success, in part, is buoyed by the ever-increasing numbers of girls and women becoming avid game players. Nancy Drew players now include moms who have introduced their daughters to the girl detective, making her one of history’s longest-running iconic figures spanning generations. As the number-one PC mystery franchise, since 2004, the Nancy Drew series has outsold Harry Potter, Myst, and Tomb Raider.

More information about the company and the Nancy Drew games can be found at www.herinteractive.com. Find Her Interactive on Facebook or follow Her Interactive on Twitter @HerInteractive.


Contact GeekGirlCon:
Kiri Callaghan

Contact Her Interactive:
Jared M. Nieuwenhuis, 206.399.3406


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05.21.11 // GeekGirlCon Sings! Tonight May 21st!


Join GeekGirlCon for a night of karaoke at AFK Tavern. GeekGirlCon will let the inner diva fly on Saturday, May 21st starting at 8:00 p.m. at AFK Tavern in Everett. Show up just to mingle or breakout that tune you’ve been signing in the shower all month! GeekGirlCon will hand out prizes for best performance and best cosplay.

Be on hand to try a few drink specials and enjoy the geeky food menu. GeekGirlCon staff recommends the Orc burger for non-veggie types. Support GeekGirlCon and our hosts AFK Tavern. AFK Tavern is just off I-5 at the 41st Street exit (1510 41st St, Everett). All ages are welcome, but an adult must accompany geeks under 18 at all times. No one under 21 permitted on premises after 11:00 p.m.

Thank you!
Special Events Director | GeekGirlCon




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05.18.11 // GeekGirlCon Art Sale Supports Japanese Red Cross

Check out the Full Press Release.


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05.15.11 // Help Us Win!

We need all of our GeekGirlCon Supporters to help us win Where’s the Tardis Contest?

In order to win the TARDIS competition, you all need to go “like” our entry page: http://www.wheresthetardis.com/entry/381

If you want to see our Tardis live, its on display at Card Kingdom, 5105 Leary Ave NW, Seattle WA until Saturday, May 21st.


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05.11.11 // GeekGirlCon Clothing Swap

GeekGirlCon is hosting a clothing swap! Trade the clothing you aren’t wearing for clothes that you will wear. You know the saying: one geek’s trash is another geek’s treasure. So clean out your closet and join GeekGirlCon on Monday, May 23rd, from 7-10 p.m. . Women’s, men’s, kids’, fancy, or casual, ALL clothing is welcome.

Email communityoutreach@geekgirlcon.com for location or questions.

All unclaimed clothing will be donated to local organizations like Dress for Success, St. Francis House, Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project, and Goodwill.


Thank you,
Community Outreach


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05.4.11 // GeekGirlCon welcomes Carrie and Katie “Star Wars Girl” Goldman to our convention

GeekGirlCon welcomes Carrie and Katie “Star Wars Girl” Goldman to our convention

April 29, 2011-Seattle, WA- GeekGirlCon is proud to announce that Carrie and Katie Goldman will join our growing list of guests at GeekGirlCon. You may remember reading about Katie in November 2010 and her experiences being bullied at school by first-grade boys because she carried a Star Wars water bottle. The boys repeatedly picked on Katie in the lunch room, telling her Star Wars was for boys only. GeekGirlCon feels for these young boys, who do not yet know that Geek Girls exist and that we are everywhere. GeekGirlCon applauds Katie’s courage in declaring her love of Star Wars and believes that the force is strong with this one!

Carrie Goldman, who shared her daughter’s bullying experience on her blog A Portrait of an Adoption, is a painter and writer. Carrie is writing her first book, The Littlest Jedi, an exploration of bullying prevention that will be published by Harper Collins. At GeekGirlCon, Carrie and Katie will offer their insights and experience with bullies at a geeky parenting panel. GeekGirlCon programming is still taking shape, so please check geekgirlcon.com regularly for up-to-date information.

In 2010, Carrie was eager to show Katie that other girls are Star Wars fans too. GeekGirlCon will have more Star Wars Geek Girls that you can count. Not only will our attendees show their love of Star Wars, but our special guests too.

Bonnie Burton, writer at The Official Star Wars Blog and author of many Star Wars arts and crafts books, is a confirmed guest at GeekGirlCon. Bonnie has built a name for herself as a renowned authority on Star Wars and Geek Girl culture. Her first book Girls Against Girls is a look at how girls are often so cruel to one and other and, most importantly, offers suggestions on how to break the cycle of cruelty in their own lives.

GeekGirlCon is a celebration of the female geek in Seattle on October 8-9, 2011 in the Seattle Center Northwest Rooms. Look for more information soon about other programming ans special guests. Stay up-to-date by following us on Twitter @geekgirlcon or liking our Facebook page: facebook.com/geekgirlcon.


GeekGirlCon is a Seattle nonprofit dedicated to promoting awareness of and celebrating the contribution and involvement of women in the sciences, science fiction, comics, gaming, and related Geek culture. The first ever GeekGirlCon will be October 8-9, 2011 at the Seattle Center Northwest Rooms. See GeekGirlCon.com for more details and our list of special guests.

Carrie Goldman is the author of Portrait of an Adoption, (http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/portrait_of_an_adoption/), a blog that has drawn over 450,000 views just since November 15, 2010 and receives several thousand unique views per day. The blog is hosted by ChicagoNow, an online community owned by The Chicago Tribune. Goldman writes about issues related to adoption and parenting. She founded her own company, Artwork By Carrie, and entered the art show and gallery circuit. Through her award-winning oil paintings, Goldman expresses her emotions about the beauty, sadness and joy unexpectedly found in life. Goldman lives in Evanston with her husband and three young daughters, of whom Katie is the oldest.
Bonnie Burton is geek culture writer extraordinaire. She has done too much to list in one paragraph. Visit www.grrl.com for a comprehensive list of Bonnie’s geek credentials.


GeekGirlCon Public Relations:
Kiri Callaghan


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05.4.11 // Programming submission reminder!

Programming submission reminder!

Some highlights of our upcoming GeekGirlCon programming are up at GeekGirlCon.com. Do you want to see your name on that list, yet continue to procrastinate? No need to power up that TARDIS; there is still time. The submission deadline for GeekGirlCon presentations, panels, screenings and workshops is May 31, 2011.

The more information you can provide in your proposal, the better the chance of acceptance. Concise details, a clear vision for your panel, and acknowledgment and understanding of the GeekGirlCon’s mission are required. A thorough spell check is also always a good idea!


Accepted participants will be notified by email by July 1, 2011. You must then confirm your attendance at GeekGirlCon no later than July 31, 2011.

If you want to lend your own expertise to GeekGirlCon, consider some of the areas where we haven’t received a lot of submissions:

Anime & manga

Cosplay experts & professionals

Women in robotics

Diversity in genre


Fan-fic or author readings

Pop culture scholarship

Dr. Who


Geek Girls in fandom

All proposals and submissions must reflect the mission of the convention – to promote, celebrate, educate, mentor, encourage and empower the female geek. We are interested in presentations, screenings, readings, and roundtable discussions from women and men in geeky professions: science fiction, fantasy, horror, action, gaming, science, anime, roller derby, cosplay, comic books, technology, B-movies, LARPing, and video games. There must be an understanding that these topics be addressed with a women-centric and woman-positive focus and with attention to issues of diversity.

GeekGirlCon is committed to representing women geeks of all ages, races, sexual orientations, gender identities, creeds, physical and mental abilities, and familial statues. Proposals must reflect a commitment to this as well.


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04.22.11 // MarQueen Hotel and Inn at Queen Anne Offer Discounts to GeekGirlCon Goers

GeekGirlCon is happy to announce a special rate for accommodations is now available for GeekGirlCon October 8-9, 2011. Thanks to MarQueen Hotel and Inn at Queen Anne, you can receive reduced hotel rates just blocks from Seattle Center Northwest Rooms and con festivities.

To receive the special GeekGirlCon rates, you must book your rooms by September 9, 2011. Don’t hesitate! There are a limited number of rooms available, so buy your passes and reserve your room today.

Visit our hotel page for more information about discount booking at our official hotels.


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04.21.11 // GeekGirlCon Rocks Earth Day

Reduce, reuse, and recycle–we’ve heard that line a million times. But the truth is that those books, games, comics, DVDs, CD’s, statues, and other geeky stuff leave a carbon footprint.

Since today is Earth Day, GeekGirlCon wants to save the earth and save some money doing it. GeekGirlCon is in Seattle, so the information below is Seattle-centric. GeekGirlCon encourages you to search out your city, county, or state’s particulars and post some of your own ideas.

GeekGirlCon says: Reduce Energy & Water Consumption
• Leave your car at home twice a week. It can cut greenhouse gas emissions by 1,600 pounds per year.
• Unplug your computer, DVD player, and other electronics before going on vacation to save on your electrical bill.
• Replace one conventional light bulb with a compact fluorescent light bulb. If every home made that switch, it save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes a year.
• Seal and insulate your home. It may not have curb appeal, but placing plastic over windows in older homes saves you money on your heat bill (and it’s reusable for the next wintery season).
• Run your dishwasher only when it’s full and wash only full loads of laundry.
• Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth can save up to 8 gallons of water per day. That’s 240 gallons a month!
• Take a five-minute shower and reduce that 70 gallons to fill a tub to 20 gallons in the shower.
• Use a drip irrigation system in your garden; it uses between 20 to 50 percent less water than a conventional sprinkler systems.
• Think twice before watering your lawn. Seattle is rainy!

GeekGirlCon says: Reuse & Recycle
• Reuse shopping bags, plastic food containers, jars, and Ziploc bags.
• Recycle your (cleaned) cans, glass, vitamin bottles, plant pots, boxes, and food trays. Remember to chuck the caps.
• Bundle up bags for recycling or return them to your grocery store.
• Buy in bulk to cut down on packaging.

GeekGirlCon says: Repurpose Yard and Food Scraps
• Compost at home with a compost bin, green cone, or worm bin.
• Use your Food & Yard Waste container to send food scraps to compost centers.
• Leave your grass clippings on the lawn. It will add nutrients to the lawn as the grass breaks down.

GeekGirlCon says: Repurpose Your Stuff
• Send old clothes and items to Goodwill or have a clothing swap party.
• Donate or e-cycle old TVs, scanners, busted laptops, and computer monitors.
• Donate appliances, furniture, or bed mattresses in good condition.

Terraforming another planet is a long way off, so save this one while you have the chance.

Thank you kindly,
Community Outreach Coordinator

Check out www.seattle.gov/util/lookitup for more info on reducing and recycling.
Email help@gardenhotline.org for tips on gardening chemical free or visit www.gardenhotline.org.
Visit 1800recycle.wa.gov to find electronic product recycling services in your area.
Call The Sharehouse (206) 767-5280 to donate furniture and appliances in good condition.


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