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The (Social) Justice League: Chip Nixon on Buttons, Classes and Meeting Anita Sarkeesian

By Guest Contributor October 28, 2014

Written by JC Lau, Amongst the hostility of current Gamergate debacle, there have been positive, creative and humorous responses. The Doubleclicks, for example, offered internet trolls their own love song. Nonadecimal developed a satirical battle game about arguing online. And this year, Sarah “Chip” Nixon brought 150 sets of social justice class buttons with MORE


Kicking off the Con With Anita Sarkeesian

By Jess Downs October 20, 2014

Written by GeekGirlCon Copy Writer Jess Downs Anita Sarkeesian, creator of pop-culture analysis webseries Feminist Frequency, joined us in the very first panel at GeekGirlCon ‘14 to talk about her work, her inspirations, and the pressures of being a high-profile feminist on the internet. For those keeping track at home, this was her fourth time MORE


24 Hours of D&D with Extra Life

By Jess Downs October 17, 2014

GeekGirlCon’s very own Gaming Events Coordinator, Andy Munich, will be charging into battle on October 26 to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital in a gaming marathon with Extra Life. Show your support for team GeekGirlCon and head over to his fundraising page to make your pledge! Extra Life started in 2008, with a 24-hour MORE


The Fourth and the First

By Adrienne Roehrich October 13, 2014

GeekGirlCon ‘14 was spectacular! This was my fourth year attending GeekGirlCon. I was a volunteer at the first convention, a special agent (one of our volunteers who works the entire weekend) at the second convention, and have been on staff for the third and fourth conventions. I go through GeekGirlCon with an eye to the MORE

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