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Costuming for Each and Every Body GeekGirlCon ’14 panel recap

By Adrienne Roehrich November 26, 2014

The Cosplaying While Fat panel delved nicely with Costuming for Each and Every Body. Panelists DodiRose Zooropa, Jade Cheung, Lori Erickson, and Phoenix McFierce appeared to pick up where Cosplaying While Fat left off. The panel was towards the end of the convention on late Sunday afternoon. The description inviting attendees read: “Bodies come in MORE


Cosplaying While Fat – GeekGirlCon ’14 panel recap

By Adrienne Roehrich November 19, 2014

A packed panel room greeted panelists for the Cosplaying While Fat.   Cosplaying While Fat occurred on Saturday afternoon, with the description: “Cosplaying when you’re plus-sized presents some unique challenges. Putting together an awesome costume you’ll be comfortable in can be a real challenge for a number of reasons, including how people treat you and MORE

breanna anderson 3D printing

Printing the Future … In 3D

By AJ Dent November 12, 2014

As soon as I learned there’d be a panel on 3D printing at GeekGirlCon ‘14, I knew I had to attend it. This is the future! I’ve thought every time the machines come up in conversation. They’re an endless source of fascination for me, yet I’d never seen one in person before. Many attendees must’ve MORE

The info sheet for The Third Fleet Academy

Geek Elders Speak – The Recap

By Sarah Grant November 5, 2014

By GeekGirlCon Copy Writer Sarah “SG-1″ Grant I wanted to go to this panel because Jamala Henderson was the moderator, and I love her voice and her presence. She and I met for the first time at the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier this year, and now I’m part of a group of MORE

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