08.5.13 // Turn Your Swag On

GeekGirlCon swag bagThousands of eyes gobbling up your product. Thousands of eyes looking at your logo. That’s how much attention your brand will catch by appearing in this year’s swag bags! From now until October 4, GeekGirlCon is accepting submissions of promotional items from geeky businesses and organizations.

Each GeekGirlCon ‘13 attendee scores one of these satchels, and we are expecting more event-goers than ever this year! Countless costumed heroines and fun-loving fans could all be flashing your brand every time they reach for a water bottle, pick up a bookmark, or throw on some sunglasses. Whatever you prefer to donate, you’ll be giving support to a cool cause—not to mention geeks at large. And you know geeks always remember the good people who’ve got their backs.

Simply fill out our handy-dandy webform to get started and snag a spot for your stuff! We look forward to working with you to fill some seriously awesome swag bags for visitors young and old. Should questions or concerns arise, please contact Melodie Hardwick at melodie@geekgirlcon.com.

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07.30.13 // GeekGirlCon ’13: When Music, Gender, and Disability Intertwine

musicYou might be asking yourself how these three seemingly disparate subjects are intertwined.

But think about it: when music has an emotional impact on you, you often express it in your body: your eyes well up with tears, your heart rate speeds up or slows down, you tap your feet or nod your head. And many studies have shown the impact music can have on both physical and mental health.

We’re all products of our cultural environments, and the ideas about disability, gender, and music are no exception.

The reality is that most people will experience disability at some point in their lives, and for at least 35,000 years people have been making music—so how does music impact us emotionally and physically? How are we impacted by our culture’s concepts of gender and disabilities?

Robin Harwick will share current research and lead participants in a rich discussion on these and other questions. She’s been active in the music industry for decades; as a performer, promoter, and a 6-year stint as a Union Stagehand; her current research examines the intersection of music, gender and disability.

Want to join the discussion? Geek out on topics like this and so many more at GeekGirlCon ‘13—buy your passes today!

 by GeekGirlCon Staff Copy Writer Erin Doherty

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07.26.13 // GeekGirlCon ’13: Have you heard our exciting news yet?

It’s time to introduce another appearance at our upcoming GeekGirlCon ‘13. She’s been here before, and we love her dearly. Geeks and gentles, it’s Jane Espenson, co-creator and producer of the hit web series Husbands!

For those of you who aren’t yet in the know about Jane Espenson, we are here to help. Espenson started her screenwriting career with the likes of Disney and Ellen (the ‘90’s sitcom, not the talk show), and has worked extensively with Joss Whedon’s creative team on shows from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Angel, Dollhouse, and Firefly. She has penned episodes and produced for shows such as Tru Calling, Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica, and Game of Thrones. Espenson has shared Hugo Awards for an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (“Conversations with Dead People”) and for a first-season episode of Game of Thrones (“A Golden Crown”). Along with Husbands, Espenson is also co-creator of the SyFy hit Warehouse 13. As if that wasn’t enough of an amazing résumé, she can currently be found as a writer and producer of NBC’s runaway hit Once Upon a Time.

Husbands_promo_CW_SeedEspenson’s latest project, a collaboration with writer and co-creator Brad Bell, is the hit web series Husbands; it has won critical acclaim from multiple sources, including both mainstream press and the LGBTQ community. Its second season came about thanks to a fan-funded Kickstarter campaign, which led to its third season being picked up by CW Seed, a subsite of CWTV.com.

Appearing at his first GeekGirlCon will be Husbands director Eli Gonda. Gonda is best known for producing movies American Teen and Swimmers, and for directing short film The Rooster (written by Buffy alum Danny Strong). He and Espenson will discuss their work together on Husbands and the future of the series, as well as taking questions from the audience.

Join Espenson and Gonda for a special look behind the scenes of the fun of making Husbands. Jane Espenson will also be signing copies of the Dark Horse comics graphic novel Husbands.

Don’t miss a single moment!

by GeekGirlCon Staff Copy Writer Sarah Grant

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07.23.13 // GeekGirlCon ’13: Did you love Mike Madrid last year?

Well, he returns to GeekGirlCon ‘13! Mike Madrid was present on panels at GeekGirlCon ‘11 and ‘12. He’s appeared on such GeekGirlCon panels as 70 Years of Comic Book Fashion, Very Special Dudes, and History of the Universe as Told by Wonder Woman.

““Mike was very popular with attendees the past two years, and we’re excited he’ll be joining us again,” Director of Programming and Events, Jennifer Stuller, said.

Madrid was featured in the documentary Wonder Woman! The Untold Story of American Superheroines, which aired on PBS on April 15, 2013. The documentary shows the story of Wonder Woman from the 1940s to today, tying its development to the path of women’s liberation. This film included many Wonder Woman luminaries, including Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner, Gloria Steinem, Trina Robbins (past GeekGirlCon attendee), Gail Simone (past GeekGirlCon attendee), Jane Espenson (this year and past GeekGirlCon attendee), and our own Director of Programming, Jennifer K. Stuller.

Divas, Dames, and Daredevils is Madrid’s latest project, a book set for release this fall. Exploring the forgotten superheroines of WWII era comics, he reintroduces comic fans to these amazing women lost in our past.

Madrid is slated to give a presentation on the Divas, Dames, and Daredevils panel at GeekGirlCon ‘13.

by Adrienne M. Roehrich, Manager of Editorial Services

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07.18.13 // GeekGirlCon ’13: Let’s Summon Your Inner Superhero Style!

GeekGirlCon proudly announces the Ready-To-Wear Superhero panel by Anika Dane at GeekGirlCon ‘13 on October 19 and 20, 2013!

Anika Dane in an outfit inspired by Thor!  (photo courtesy Anika Dane)

Anika Dane in an outfit inspired by Thor! (photo courtesy Anika Dane)

Ever wanted to dress as sassy and strong as your favorite fictional character? Anika the Fashionista will show us how we can all tap into our inner superheroes via everyday clothing.

Anika has a background in both dance and women’s studies and currently works at Wesleyan University. She is Managing Editor of the weblog Fantastic Fangirls and was a contributor to the nonfiction anthology Chicks Dig Comics. She has a lifelong interest in both fashion and superheroes.

“Ready-to-wear is not cosplay,” explains Anika, “We don’t recreate the costumes, but instead use regular clothing to create heroine-inspired outfits. There are Tumblrs dedicated to dressing in the style of almost every fandom you can imagine—and not just for conventions! I try to do it every day.”

From Tony Stark to Gwen Stacy, there are countless ideas for your next outfit on Anika’s Pinterest page. Now she’s ready to transfer such looks onto the stage to help you transform your attire. No need to don a cosplay cape or recreate an entire costume—statement pieces, geeky t-shirts, cartoony dresses, and more will fill the catwalk of your imagination at this panel. A lively discussion will follow the show so attendees can share tips and tricks. After all, clothing is a major part of every superhero’s character!

“We’re excited to have Anika give us tips and tricks on creating original and innovative ready-to-wear superhero fashions as part of our engaging and celebratory programming at GeekGirlCon ’13,” said Jennifer K. Stuller, Director of Programming and Events.

Need a splash of superheroic inspiration for an ensemble that can’t wait until GeekGirlCon? Connect with Anika through her dynamic blog, Tumblr, and Twitter account for more stylish spark. If you’re interested in working it on the runway or joining her lookbook, be sure to check out her call for models! Rather than physically resembling specific characters, this project is all about gleaning fashion statements from them, and making it work in your own wardrobe, with your own body. Creativity is key, and all fandoms, characters, and body types are encouraged to participate.

Outfit inspired by Carol Danvers

Outfit inspired by Carol Danvers (photo courtesy Anika Dane)

Stay tuned for more upcoming GeekGirlCon programming announcements, and don’t miss out on any of the fashionable fun—pick up your GeekGirlCon passes today!

Written by AJ Dent, GeekGirlCon Staff Copy Writer 

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07.17.13 // Who Is GeekGirlCon For?

KristineThis post is brought to you by GeekGirlCon Twitter Administrator and Board President Kristine Hassell.

As we work toward our convention in October (Do you have your passes yet? Seriously? Buy them already!), I thought I’d address some assumptions about GeekGirlCon, who we are, and what we do. As a proud staffer with GeekGirlCon, I am familiar with our mission statement:

We celebrate and honor the legacy of women that contribute to science and tech; video games and comics; and arts and literature. We fulfill this mission by connecting geeky women worldwide and nurturing a community that fosters the growth of women in geek culture through year-round events.

To me, it seems evident from reading this that anyone who supports geeky women would be welcome, but what does this really mean? So I decided to pose the question, “Based on what you know, who do you think that GeekGirlCon is for?” to some folks I know, and some of the replies are interesting.

Aaron Blalack“Pretty much what it says on the label.  It’s primarily for girls and women of the geekier persuasions, but it’s also open to anyone who’d like to learn and see more about the perspectives/issues on their side of things.” – Aaron Blalack, convention attendee and hip-hop artist

Joanna Gaskell“GeekGirlCon is for the thinking geek. I’ve always found the atmosphere and the vibe of GeekGirlCon to be a bit more academic than most other gaming conventions I attend. The panelists and the special guests arrive with the intention to talk about important issues. You are expected to think, you are expected to communicate well, and you can expect the conversations to be thoughtful and the questions challenging. Attendees should go to GeekGirlCon expecting to explore their favourite element of nerdy culture on a more thoughtful level.” – Joanna Gaskell, writer and producer of Standard Action

Nick Hahn“GeekGirlCon to me is a sort of geeky safe harbor. A place where women can meet one another and share common enthusiasm about geeky passions without being subjected to the more negative side of our beloved culture such as sexism and voyeurism. A happy place to feel warm and fuzzy.” – Nick Hahn, Community Outreach Event Coordinator for Ablegamers

Alan Kistler“I think GeekGirlCon is for everyone. It doesn’t exclude men in the same way that Comic-Con focuses on Comics but doesn’t exclude people who like genre prose, video games or sci-fi television. It invites you to a gathering that celebrates women who, sadly, don’t always get the recognition they should elsewhere. And it has plenty of panels and activities that aren’t gender specific.” – Alan Kistler, author/actor and comic book historian

Andy Munich“If you believe GeekGirlCon is a place for all geeks, then GeekGirlCon is the place for you. Join the inclusion clique!” – Andy Munich, convention attendee, Special Agent, and RPG specialist

Bix“I think that GeekGirlCon is for anyone who thinks that questions of gender disparity in geek culture are fair ones, and who therefore sees that having a focus on deliberately (re)presenting groups or perspectives that differ from the cultural default of many other events is a reasonable response. When other events (or cultures surrounding them) are, or seem to be, presumptively male, tagging an event “girl” only seems exclusionary in the superficial sense. Really, it’s a geeky and pop cultural event for anyone interested in any other such events, but built from the ground up to rest on the foundation of a more inclusive default.” – The One True B!x, Portland writer and founder emeritus of CSTS

Shervyn von Hoerl“I am a little disadvantaged, having never been to GeekGirlCon…but I would still have to say, it’s for everyone. Based on the fact that every male Enforcer I am friends with actually looks forward to going to GeekGirlCon and certainly every geek girl I know in the PNW attends. I would say it’s for anyone who is comfortable with a con that is trying create a space where women actually feel comfortable instead of merely accepted.” – Shervyn von Hoerl, nerd dad hoping to raise a geek boy and a geek girl

Michael Hanna“Although my knowledge is limited because I’m on the other side of nation and all, I was always under the impression that GeekGirlCon more or less celebrated and emphasized the fact that it’s not just a rare thing to be a girl with sci-fi/fantasy/RPG/console gamer interests. It’s normal… and darn it, it’s cool!!! GeekGirlCon is awesome, and I really must spread the word to a couple newly arrived gamer grrls I met at our weekly game day. I think at least one of them would make a pilgrimage someday :-).” – Michael Hanna, gay gamer rakehellion and Michigan bon vivant

Angela Webber“GeekGirlCon is for people who enjoy geekery, inclusion and happiness.” – Angela Webber, The Doubleclicks

Aubrey Webber“GeekGirlCon is for people who like smiling and puppies.” – Aubrey Webber, The Doubleclicks*

Now…after reading all of these replies, it’s clear that everyone sees GeekGirlCon a little differently—and that’s sort of the point! GeekGirlCon is for everyone that supports us in our mission and values.

I’ve encountered folks who were convinced they couldn’t come because they think they’re not geeky “enough” or they’re not girls. Nope. All are welcome. All welcome. Go into the Light. There is peace and serenity in the Light. Wait, sorry. I channeled a little Tangina there…but you get my drift. Genuinely, and I’m quoting directly from our values:

“GeekGirlCon embraces all types of people. PERIOD. There is no way to list all the subsets of folks that now or in the future will make up the body of GeekGirlCon. ALL: ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, sexual preferences, sizes, abilities, ethnicities, nationalities, races, creeds, religions, familial statuses, alien species, earth species, education levels, science specializations, operating system preferences, fandoms, etc., are welcome. Anyone supporting women in geeky pursuits is welcome.

And with that, we hope to see you in October!

*Note: no actual puppies are used in the production of GeekGirlCon.puppies

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06.30.13 // Vroom Over To Central Cinema for Veronica Mars

Central Cinema - Veronica Mars Event July 27, 2013

Riddle me this: What’s the best way to spend a Monday night out in Seattle? Why, gumshoeing it up and getting your grub on at Central Cinema, of course! GeekGirlCon and Central Cinema invite you to indulge in a TV Dinner filled with detectives and deliciousness. Two standout episodes of the critically acclaimed Veronica Mars show will be aired, so come prepared for puzzles.

Starting at 7:00 p.m., watch as Veronica, a teenage private eye, takes on “The Wrath of Con.” When her friend Georgia is scammed out of a hefty sum of money, she must go where no non-geek has gone before—a den of hardcore gamers. With an intriguing disguise and guts that just won’t stop, she proves her stuff and then some. This episode from the show’s first season features one of the series’ most emotional endings, and acts as a great introduction for interested newcomers.

After a nice seventh inning stretch, “Ain’t No Magic Mountain High Enough” will unfold. In this second-season episode, our super sleuth slips up, with money being stolen right from under her nose. The carnival setting is a perfect backdrop for laughter and trickery, and with most of the main players running amok, it allows for some serious character development. Hailed for being chock-full of one-liners and classic Veronica zingers, this episode is a wild ride.

For just five bucks, you get all this action as well as a food voucher, which serves as your ticket inside, and enables you to order a meal with the server in your section. No mystery involved!

The Clues

Date: Monday, July 29, 2013
Time: 7:00 PM
Price: $5
Where: Central Cinema, 1411 21st Avenue, Seattle (21st Ave and East Union Street)
If you’d like to make it to the mayhem by bus, the #2 line drops off around the corner from the theater at 20th & Union. The #48 is also an easy option, stopping at 23rd and Union just two blocks away.

For additional information, check out Central Cinema online. Hope to spy you all at the show!

Written by AJ Dent, GeekGirlCon Staff Copy Writer 


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06.21.13 // We Want You!

GeekGirlCon Agent Pin 2012

Love hanging out at GeekGirlCon all weekend long? Love being in the know? Have talents you want to put to use for an organization you love? We’ve got the shindig for you!

Come volunteer with GeekGirlCon ‘13! Our illustrious volunteer program manager, Jex, is awaiting your responses at our volunteer form.

Shubz and Chewie at GeekGirlCon 2012.

Join the fun for an awesome weekend celebrating the contribution of women in all aspects of geek culture! (You might even get to take a photo with Chewy!)


Photos above courtesy of GeekGirlCon Agents Facebook page.
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05.14.13 // Chaka Cumberbatch Appearing at GeekGirlCon ’13

Professional Cosplayer? Yes, she is!

GeekGirlCon announces the appearance of Chaka Cumberbatch at GeekGirlCon ‘13 on October 19 and 20, 2013.

Chaka Cumberbatch

Chaka Cumberbatch

On February 4, 2013, Cumberbatch authored a piece on XOJane called I’m a black female cosplayer and some people hate it responding to an uproar over her professional cosplay career. In addition to being a professional cosplayer, she is the Associate Brand Manager at FUNimation Entertainment, and a freelance journalist/blogger. Her writing has appeared on numerous sites, including TheMarySue.com and NerdCaliber.com.

Cumberbatch cosplays as various superheroes, in full character, at comic book conventions. Cumberbatch’s cosplay has become such a large focus in the media, she says she expects to never enter a job interview without also discussing her hobby. If you want to talk about back issues and current issues of comics, she is the person to see!

“GeekGirlCon is excited for Chaka Cumberbatch to attend our third annual convention. We look forward to hearing her speak on social, race, gender, and sexuality issues within the geek community and seeing her cosplay,” said Jennifer K. Stuller, Director of Programming and Events.

Visit Chaka Cumberbatch’s Facebook page or follow her on Twitter to learn more about her.

GeekGirlCon ‘13 is partnering with Homewood Suites and W Hotel.
GeekGirlCon ‘13 is seeking fabulous Vendors and Exhibitors (through June 1).
GeekGirlCon ‘13 is looking for your programming and events (through May 15).
GeekGirlCon ‘13 has press pass information.
GeekGirlCon presents GeekGirlConnections at the Con (apply now) and year-round.
GeekGirlCon offers fantastic events throughout the year that you don’t want to miss!

Don’t miss any exciting updates, schedules, and more for GeekGirlCon ‘13! Buy your passes now!

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05.8.13 // Announcing an amazing GeekGirlCon event!

nerdcore benefit concert may 17 2013

GeekGirlCon Nerdcore Benefit Concert featuring the returning Jonny Nero Action Hero, Canadian rapper Nursehella, and GeekGirlCon’s own Shubzilla!

The Details:

Join host GeekGirlCon to welcome three fantastic musicians to our Benefit Concert at the White Rabbit in Fremont!

Jonny Nero Action Hero has performed for us before; he has been performing for fifteen years, and writing his own material for ten years.

Nursehella was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada; this will be the Canadian rapper’s first performance for GeekGirlCon.

Shubzilla, GeekGirlCon’s own Public Relations Content Producer, debuted at NerdcoreNow’s First Annual Vocalist/Producer Challenge.

Add these three talented performers together, and we get a smashing nerd concert. Proceeds go to benefit GeekGirlCon and our mission. Tickets are available at Brown Paper Tickets; get online and buy yours now!

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