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Session Title
Panel Description
10/19/13Console Game Room with EA / PopCap GamesLL5Electronics Art/PopCap Games is hosting another fun Game Room at GeekGirlCon äó»13! GeekGirlCon attendees will have access to fun PopCap Games along with other awesome EA titles that can be enjoyed either on the XBOX 360 or iPads available for everyone to play on. There will be EA and PopCap staff members on hand to answer any questions you have about the games, and they will help you learn how to master them!

This year in the EA/PopCap Game Room will be a chance for you to enter a raffle to win some amazing prizes, including game consoles, EA game prize packs, cool PopCap swag, and so much more! All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to a local Seattle charity with a mission to encourage girls in elementary school all the way through high school to seek education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and create a path to a successful career in these fields. Check out the prize drawing times in the gaming area and be there to claim your prize!
10/19/13Learn to Paint Miniatures & Take One Home!LL1Miniatures are not only a functional part of many tabletop and role playing games, theyäó»re fun to paint yourself! Come give it a try in the workshop room, and your painted miniature is an awesome GeekGirlCon souvenir to take home! Check the Game Room for more details! Sponsored by Privateer PressPrivateer Press
10/19/13Design a Tabletop RPG in One Hour!LL1Sick and tired of being told to stop complaining and make your own game? We're here to show you that you can do it, and you can do it in the time you would have spent watching a rerun. We're going to make an RPG game together, and talk about design challenges in a fast-paced, hands-on environment. Hosted by Filamena YoungFilamena Young
10/19/13How to LARP: Learn Live Action Role PlayLL1If youäó»ve ever wanted to give LARPing a try, now is the time! LARP Master Shoshana Kessock will spend an hour going over the basics of Live Action Role Playing, and then everyone is invited to a friendly LARP session afterwards to put your new skills into practice. No experience necessary; the more, the merrier!Shoshana Kessock
10/19/13LARP Session: LIMBOLL1Ever wondered what it would be like to experience a place between life and death? Come join fellow gamers to see what it feels like to find yourself in LIMBO. Develop your character, examine life choices, and discover what might lay beyond this world in a two-hour journey. LIMBO is a Nordic-style LARP written by acclaimed LARP designer Tor Kjetil Edland. Hosted by Shoshana Kessock. Shoshana Kessock
10/19/13Story GamesLL:GamingStoryGames is peer-to-peer tabletop RPGsäóîwithout a GM! Experience Fiasco, Inspectors, Dogs in the Vineyard, Ghost/Echo, Shock, Silver and White, The Dreaming Crucible, and more! Most Story Games are role play heavy and rules light--and a fantastic introduction to tabletop gaming.
10/19/13Go To GamesLL:GamingGo To Games is a division of Roll To Market LLC, focused on representing small game publishers at conventions. At GeekGirlCon 2013, Go To Games will bring the new Dice Rings company Crit Success, along with Atlas Games, Looney Labs, Passport Game Studios, Signalfire Studios, andWildfire. Games available for demo and sale include Gloom, Once Upon A Time, Fluxx The Board Game, Cthulhu Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, Star Fluxx, Tokaido, Ace Detectives, Castaways, Building An Elder God, and Nuts. Come play with us!
10/19/13Steve Jackson GamesLL:GamingSteve Jackson Games produces over a hundred varieties of board, card, and dice games with geeky twists. Zombies, Cthulhu, and conspiracy games are represented in their arsenal, but they may be best known for Munchkin, a card game of treasure hunting and backstabbing! Try your hand at some card-based dungeon dives here!
10/19/13ValorLL:GamingValor is a new tabletop system which allows in-game characters to dramatically increase their performance in both combat and challenge scenes. The system focuses on flexibility in order to allow GMs and players to make and interact in any setting without specific roles or arbitrary play requirements. Come see what makes this system stand out, and experience it for yourself! Ages teen and up, please.
10/19/13Green Ronin PublishingLL:GamingGreen Ronin Publishing is dedicated to the art of great games. Since 2000, Green Ronin has established a reputation for quality and innovation. Stop by the Green Ronin table, say hello, and get to know Green Ronin. Weäó»ll be there to help you learn to play our award-winning games!
10/19/13PaizoLL:GamingThe Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is an evolution of the world's oldest fantasy roleplaying game. Throughout GeekGirlCon, weäó»ll be running 1-hour demonstrations from the Pathfinder Beginner Box. These short adventures are a perfect introduction both to Pathfinder and the entire genre of d20 roleplaying games. With strict policies against bullying and player-vs.-player dynamics, Pathfinder Society groups provide a fun, welcoming environment for roleplayers of all ages.
10/19/13Wizards of the CoastLL:GamingWhether youäó»re an experienced dungeon crawler, new to the genre, or a youngster looking to get into games, Wizards of the Coast has something for you! Check out whatäó»s new in the realm of Magic: The Gathering, delve your way into some Dungeons and Dragons, or get to know the art of Kaijudo: Duel Masters. Weäó»ll see you there!
10/19/13Bhaloidam AdventureLL:GamingBhaloidam is designed from the core out to help you tell stories collaboratively in any genre, with any theme, at any length. In other words, Bhaloidam focuses on the storytelling, not on the story being told. Bhaloidam encourages players to work collaboratively, to build trust and expertise, and to take risks and explore new approaches to storytelling. Stop by the Bhaloidam table and try it out!
10/19/13Cheapass GamesLL:GamingCheapass Games believes that fun shouldnäó»t come with a high price tag. Cheapass has been making affordable, high quality, high fun games since 1996 and wants to share them with you. Come by the table to see how much awesome fun you can have on a budget. Weäó»ll be on hand to show you what youäó»ve been looking for!
10/19/13RPGs with AndyLL:GamingJoin RPG master and returning favorite GM Andy Munich (The 8 Hour Gamer) to learn and play RPGs. New players and seasoned campaigners are welcome. Check out the gaming floor for times and more details. RPGs include Dread, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Ghosts of Albion, Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Play something youäó»ve never played before, or return to an old favorite!Andy Munich
10/19/13Tabletop 101: Learning the BasicsLL:GamingKenny is standing by to teach you the basics of tabletop games! Drop by to learn how to play the äóìstapleäó board games. Whether you want to finally learn to play Settlers of Catan, or you just need help figuring out the rules to Agricola, Kenny will teach you all he knows about the vast world of board games.Kenny Owens
10/19/13Tabletop GamingLL4Head down to the Lower Level for the fabulous Gaming Floor full of games free to play.Bhaloidam Adventure , Cheapass Games , Doom & Gloom, Go To Games, Green Ronin Publishing, Paizo, Steve Jackson Games, Story Games, Valor, Wizards of the Coast
10/19/13Turning Your Art into an Online BusinessLL2Do you make art? Has someone told you they would pay money for art you make? Learn what you need to know to start an online business, including licensing, targeting your audience through advertising and social media, protecting your designs, and opening an online shop. Panelists discuss these topics and more when starting your art-based small business.Amanda Nuckolls, äó†Mary Mohsenian, äó†Rebecca Hicks, Wendy Buske
10/19/13Labor of Love: Why Women Make Transformative WorksLL2Fanfiction readers and writers keep a fandom alive online, whether the readers comment on an existing story or make a request for a new story. The majority of people in the fanfiction world are educated, successful women in their mid-to-late 30äó»s. What draws them to read and/or write these works of transformative fiction? Why do they keep writing, long after a movie, television show, or book series is complete? Julian Bliss, Rachael Vaughn, Tegan Mulholland, Torra Kimbul
10/19/13Helen of Troy UnlimitedRM301Helen of Troy is the mythical embodiment of female beauty and its devastating consequences for men. The ancient Greeks used her story to grapple with anxieties about female sexuality and autonomy, and she has remained a powerful cultural presence ever since. This presentation will examine some manifestations of that presence in film and television, from early cinema to Xena: Warrior Princess.Ruby Blondell
10/19/13We Are Fandom, Hear Us RoarRM302Through the power of Twitter, Tumblr, and other similar applications, fans have developed strong relationships with actors, writers, producers, and each other. This has given fangirls direct influence over her fandoms. Our age of social media has seen the rise of fandoms; people are starting to notice. This panel will include a short presentation displaying various examples of the use of social media in fangirl culture followed by open discussion.Amber Lena-Miller
10/19/13Deconstructing the Mary Sue MythRM303Explore the idea of the äóìMary Sueäó character and how it relates to the creation, interpretation, and reception of female characters in genre and geek-centric works. What does the term mean, and why has it become so widespread? How does it relate to the idea of äóìstrong female charactersäó? And how can creators and consumers of pop culture move beyond problematic terms like these to forge the best characters possible?Amber Benson, Andrea Letamendi, Cecil Castellucci, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Sarah Kuhn
10/19/13Women in Gaming: A New FrontierLL3More and more women are identifying themselves as gamers, and they are taking new gaming platforms by storm. What does this mean for the gaming industry? Success in this new frontier of gaming requires more than the average 10% of women employeesäóîgrowth is necessary. With successful Twitter phenomenon #1ReasonWhy and EAäó»s #PlayAs1, the conversation has started. Join in to keep it going and moving toward a positive experience for women in games.äó†Adrien Piro, Allison Bilas, Karin Weekes, Kelsey Wesley, Megan Marie Lau, Sarah Dicken, Stephanie Bayer
10/19/13Everything I Thought I Knew About Fashion History was Made Up by VictoriansLL3The only people who enjoy making up "facts" about customs more than Hollywood are turn-of-the-century Victorians. Unfortunately, stereotypes from both come up in the otherwise delightful world of amateur costuming. This presentation cordially invites us all to recalibrate our ideas of what is possible in places and times that don't directly mirror ours. There will be time for questions, but those with queries must be willing to share (or make up!) the story behind a piece of clothing they're wearing.Caroline Willis, Sarah Rocheleau
10/19/13Strong Female Characters in Young Adult LiteratureRM204Strength in female characters comes in all levels and flavors throughout the history of myth and fiction. It is particularly important to portray strong female young adult characters in todayäó»s young adult fiction genre; girls and young teens often identify with these characters. Do authors have a responsibility to their young readers to supply positive role models? Discuss this question and more at this panel, and form your own opinion. Faith McKay, Phoebe Kitanidis, Suzanne Brahm, Tori Centanni
10/19/13Divas, Dames, & DaredevilsRM302Wonder Woman is always thought of as the first superheroine of comic books. In reality, a number of powerful female heroes preceded her in the early days of comics, but have now been largely forgotten. From warrior queens to intergalactic explorers, goddesses to crafty reporters, these daring women were independent and brave, and lived lives of adventure. Why did they disappear from comics for over two decades? Weäó»ll look at several äóìlostäó heroines to trace the history of these forgotten comic book females.Mike Madrid
10/19/13Race in Costuming and PerformanceRM303Chaka Cumberbatch, professional cosplayer and author of "I'm a Black Female Cosplayer and Some People Hate It" discusses appropriation, appreciation, and race in costuming and performance in an attempt to proactively and positively combat racism.Chaka Cumberbatch, Moderated by Andrea Letamendi, The Shanghai Pearl
10/19/13Octobriana, the Black Heroine, and Wonder Woman: A Comic History in Three PresentationsRM302Comic book heroines and their place in history: where do they come from? Weäó»ll discuss the 1940s creation of the now-iconic Wonder Woman; 60s-era Czechoslovakia and the twisted tale of Octobriana, including her convoluted emergence to the world of comics; and the impacts of Black superheroines on Black college students. Get set for a wildäóîyet informativeäóîride!Erin Lovejoy-Guron, Grace Gipson, Jose Alaniz
10/19/13Geeks in EducationLL2How does your inner geek shine through when youäó»re teaching, or when youäó»re taking a class of any sort? Are there certain exercises in which you use geek pop culture to get a discussion started or answer a question? We have gathered a panel of educators to exchange and discuss the geekdom that teachers and their students have successfully integrated into their classrooms. This panel is meant for anyone interested in teaching or learning in a classroom setting.Christina Blanch, Katherine J. Lee, Kristin Fitzsimmons, Rachel McWhorter, Ursulla Idleman
10/19/13Best of Both Worlds: Careers Where STEM Meets the HumanitiesLL3Think you can't get a good job in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics) field if you're a geek girl with a background in the humanities? Do you love both Fine Arts and Physical Sciences, and wonder if there's a way to do both for a living? There are many interesting, challenging, and rewarding careers that let you do both. This panel will focus those places a geek girl can find interdisciplinary options.Hsiao-Ching Chou, Nazila Merati, Suzette Chan
10/19/13Edible AstronomyRM204Bring the wonders of the wide universe down into your kitchen! Participate in hands-on demonstrations of craters, planets, and more using all kinds of edible things you probably have in your house. Learn about the formation of parts of the universe through touch and model-sized representations, and feel free to get your hands a little messy while you do so. This session will bring the amazing universe right down to you.Amy Davis Roth, Nancy Graziano, Nicole Gugliucci
10/19/13Geeks With DisabilitiesRM301Geeks with Disabilities is a workshop aimed to talk about both the real life experiences of persons with disabilities (both invisible and visible), who participate in geek culture, and their fictional media counterparts, who become part of their experience with that culture. We'll run the gamut from cosplay to comics to literature and to superheroines and still get you out in time for some lunch. The panel will include Elsa E. Sjunneson-Henry, the founder of Feminist Sonar & Real Life Disabled Geek Girl, and Stevi Costa, PhD Candidate at the University of Washington studying literature and disability. We seek to inform, educate, and have a little bit of fun.Elsa Sjunneson-Henry, Stevi Costa
10/19/13Witches, Princesses, and Warrior Maidens: Exploring the Archetypes of Women in FantasyRM303Join this panel discussion on what went into creating the new exhibit äóìFantasy: Worlds of Myth and Magicäó at the EMP. The exhibit contains hands-on installations that include world building and mapmaking, and legendary pop culture artifacts such as iconic costumes from The Wizard of Oz, Xena: Warrior Princess, Labyrinth, and The Princess Bride. The panel of writers and guests will also discuss the various roles and archetypes that women have played in fantasy literature, film, and pop culture over the last century. Brooks Peck, Jane Espenson, Jasen Emmons, TBA
10/19/13Geek Girl Style: Demanding Recognition in the Fashion WorldRM301Remember when buying a "Star Wars" T-shirt meant settling for a menäó»s small because there were no womenäó»s sizes? Now pop culture-themed fashion and accessories include more items for women, thanks to brands like Her Universe; they have shown companies that a geek girl market exists. However, there is much to be done. We will discuss the growth of pop culture-themed fashion and accessories for women, where you can find these items, what areas need improvement, and how recognizing geek girls in fashion empowers fangirls in a predominantly male market.Amy Ratcliffe, Elizabeth Giorgi, Jon Kay, Kaitlin Stewart, Lisa Granshaw, Ryan Salerno
10/19/13Hiding in Plain iSight: Face Detection Self-Defense Workshop and CV Dazzle Makeup TutorialLL3Create an avant-garde äóìCV Dazzleäó look with Seattle artist Bronwyn Lewis as part of a makeup tutorial that will teach participants how to apply makeup to prevent oneäó»s face from getting picked up by face detection software. This program will discuss the history of äóìdazzleäó camouflage, computer vision, and facial recognition software to address issues of privacy, political dissent, socio-cultural norms of beauty, as well as prescribed ideas of femininity and masculinity in technology.Anya McCullough, Bronwyn Lewis
10/19/13Craft Explosion!: Craft Books and Kits by becker&mayer!RM204becker&mayer! is a leading creator, producer, and manufacturer of innovative nonfiction books and book-plus kits. They create illustrated titles for a wide variety of licensors and publishers. Part of their specialty includes creating innovative craft kits and craft books, covering a wide range of crafts and activities. Their craft kits include Amigurumi crochet techniques, cross stitch, paper craft, and more. Some of their kits are created in partnership with licenses such as Disney (Lucasfilm, Marvel), Star Trek, Transformers, and The Wizard of Oz. At this panel, audience members will learn how we identify top-trending crafts and wrangle them into top-selling craft kits.Delia Greve, Emily Zach, Katie Benezra, Kjersti Egerdahl, Kristen Rask, Stephanie Swane
10/19/13Kids of the New Normal: Queer Families and Their Children in Popular CultureRM301What would it mean for popular culture to help us imagine different forms of (gender)queer kinship and parenting? By exploring together how we could tell more complex stories about queer parents and gender-creative children, this panel will generate discussion on the ways that popular culture can help us (re)imagine possibilities and work for social justice, instead of reinvesting in dominant narratives.Hí©líÂne Frohard-Dourlent
10/19/13When Music, Gender, & Disability IntertwineRM303Join a rich conversation about the intersection of gender, disability, and music. Music and (dis)ability are part of the normal human experience, and the concepts of gender and disability are constructed by the societies we live in. This panel will share some recent research about how music impacts us emotionally and physically. We will gain understanding about how messages within music aid or deteriorate our concept of self or identity.Robin Harwick
10/19/13Ask The AstronomersRM302Do you have any astronomy questions? This is your time to ask! You can find out anything, from the fate of the universe, to the likelihood of aliens, to best planet to colonize, to how to become an astronomer. Kids and adults alike are encouraged to attend and ask questions!Aomawa Shields, Jillian Scudder, Lisa Will, Nicole Gugliucci
10/19/13Female Characters in Game DesignLL2Join a media critic, a games consultant, and game designers as they discuss issues of inclusivity in game design. What obstacles are there to diverse representations of female characters? How can game designers ensure accessibility in gaming and in character creation? Anita Sarkeesian, Elsa Sjunneson-Henry , Kimberly Voll, Shoshana Kessock
10/19/13Ouch! It Hurts Where?!?LL3For all those time you were traipsing through the woods and your mask hid that root you just tripped over! Here are tips and ideas to help you recover from a raucous weekend of LARPing, partying, or sword fighting. This panel will break down the basic anatomy of the most common injuries and what happens in the body when you injure yourself. You'll learn what inflammation and sprains really are!Dr. Virginia Morris
10/19/13Home Geek HomeRM204Wondering how to make your home fun and stylishäóîwith a geeky twist? From commissioning comic book artists for art to adorn your walls, creating your own home decor with fabulous geek crafts, finding inspiration from Star Warsäóîand moreäóîwhether it's baking in the kitchen or entertaining, you'll hear tips from the experts on infusing your home with your personality without scaring away the Muggles.Bonnie Burton, Corrina Lawson, Jenn Fujikawa, Kelly Knox, Tara Theoharis
10/19/13Making Science Fun: For Girls, Boys, and EveryoneRM301A hands-on, participatory demonstration, everyone will walk away with some tools and ideas for ways to make science more fun for the kids in their lives. Holly Csiga and Alice Enevoldsen from the Pacific Science Center will share some of the psychology influencing how they teach, and the new research by SciGirls about some of the things that help girls succeed in science.Alice Enevoldsen, Holly Csiga
10/19/13Anything That Loves: Comics Beyond "Gay" and "Straight"RM303The comics anthology Anything That Loves assembles 30 creators to delve into the complex world of sexuality that exists outside of the gay/straight binary. Itξhopes to expose some myths, correct some misconceptions, and bring together an often-splintered LGBT community in a new way. Join editor Charles "Zan" Christensen for a discussion of the origins of the project, why it's important, and the challenges of being a bisexual storyteller. This panel is age 18+.Ashley Cook, Charles "Zan" Christensen, Kevin Boze, Leia Weathington
10/19/13Geek EtiquetteRM204How should you act at conventions? What do you do when your friend doesn't get your references? How will you handle that internet troll? These questions and more will be discussed in this lively look at etiquette in geek culture. Learn how to be a well-mannered geek and get answers to all of your burning etiquette questions!Ana Visneski, Marian Call, Sharon Feliciano, Tara Theoharis
10/19/13Playing God: What it Takes to Create a UniverseLL2Wars have been waged, won, and lost in geek universes. The smallest moments have been analyzed, contradictions dissected, characters dismissed. Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, and Buffy all have supported extremely popular franchises. So what does it really take to keep a universe alive, especially when there are so many contributing to it? How do you maintain continuity? What was Joss Whedon thinking?? Discuss this and much more!Hilary Heskett Shapiro, Karin Weekes, Kenna Conklin, Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows, Patrick Weekes
10/19/13Creating Inclusiveness in the Geek CommunityLL3In an effort to combat the strict rules and definition of what it means to be a äóÖnerdäó» or äóÖgeek,äó» a group of lady Seattleites founded Have You Nerd, a blog that focuses on the daily lives of nerds and recognizes that you can be a nerd for anything in life. Have You Nerd does not focus on one type of nerd, and shies away from defining what a nerd is in measurable terms. They aim to create a space for all types of nerds to connect in a positive way. Meg Humphrey, Terra Clarke Olsen
10/19/13Intro to Costume Craft and CosplayRM204Cosplay or costuming? The CraftersInDisguise bloggers discuss costume craft from different approaches. What is äóìcosplay,äó what is äóìcostuming,äó and how are they similar or different? Steampunk, Gijinkaäóîhow can we merge those into our favorite characters? How does one create an outfit while avoiding a panic attack? Once an outfit is complete, whatäó»s next? We'll share simple and advanced Tips & Tricks for Picking Characters, Clothing and Prop Production, Modeling, and Photo Manipulation. Video Games Heroes, Pop Culture Icons, Anime Personalities, and Comic Book Super Villains are all welcomed.Sammy Ng
10/19/13The Psychology of Cosplay: Culture, Consent, and MisconceptionsRM301Cosplayers are receiving more attention recently in the media, from high-profile reality shows to small scale local projects drawing more and more attention to this cultural practice. What are the fundamental reasons to cosplay? What are the psychological commonalities among people that wear costumes as part of their fandom? What are the repercussionsäóîboth positive and negativeäóîof participating in this subculture? Clinical Psychologist Dr. Andrea Letamendi (UCLA; Batgirl) discusses these issues and shares the results of an intensive research study of over 800 cosplayers. Costumes encouraged!Andrea Letamendi, Chaka Cumberbatch, Jessica Merizan, Kimi Hughes
10/19/13Changing Culture in Mainstream and Alternative SpacesRM303Convention culture can create community, influence industry, provide marketing opportunities, foster career development, and challenge perspectives. But when difficult conversations regarding representation, gender, race, or ability are met with hostility by event organizers, industry leaders, and by geeks themselves, do we continue to show up to these larger spaces? Or is it more productive to create alternatives? Where is action most effective? Panelists will discuss where we draw the line, best use our energies, or vote with our dollars as community organizers, creators, speakers, and activists. We will talk about what constitutes a safe space, how to set an example, send a message, and raise the bar -- as well as how we drive change and build our businesses through these smaller, yet safer and more inclusive spaces. Benjamin Williams, Jennifer K. Stuller, Jo Jo Stilletto, K.T. Bradford, Rob Salkowitz, Shoshana Kessock
10/19/13Black, Latina, Girl, and Geek: A Tale of AcceptanceRM302Geek girls of color seem to be a rare breed; many have tales about fighting to let their geek flags fly just like geek girls of other racesäóîbut for some reason, their geek cred is often called into question. If oneäó»s geek is questioned often, characters that they can look up to are few and far between. This panel will bring attention to this phenomenon, so that black girl geeks, Asian girl geeks, Latina girl geeks, and many others, can finally feel like part of the narrative.Aquala Lloyd, Emily Berrios, Tiffany Janibagian
10/19/13Comics for Social ChangeRM301HollabackPHILLY worked with local artist, Erin Filson, to create an anti-street harassment comic book for use in educational workshops. They are also working on a choose-your-own-adventure style computer-based comic to help youth delve deeper into the nuances of harassment and rape culture. The comic will also be used to combat the harassment culture at comic book conventions, especially as it relates to cosplayers. Rochelle Keyhan
10/19/13Let's Make a Game RIGHT NOWLL2You don't need to get hired in the game industry to make video games! In this fast-paced experimental workshop, game developers from Ubisoft will show you how to design a game on paper before you build it. Participants will learn the basics of game-making through conception and prototyping, and be given suggestions and tools for taking their idea from paper to pixels.Ceri Young, Jill Murray, Khris Brown
10/19/13Making Your Website a Hate-Free Zone: Advice for Creating Safe Spaces OnlineLL3The internet can be a brutal place, and a lot of that brutality is directed towards womenäóîoften for no other reason than having the audacity to exist in a traditionally male space. There is a pressing need for safe spaces online, not just for women but also for LGBTQ persons, disabled persons, people of color, people of size, and so on. This panel will talk about creating and protecting safe spaces, as well as dealing with the potentially negative fallout of designating your website a safe space.Cora Harrington
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10/19/13GeekGirlCon Craft WarsRM204Come and compete for the title of Ultimate Crafters of GeekGirlCon! Teams are formed fromξattendees who will go through multiple rounds of elimination using their imagination to make awesome works of art. Each round will come with vague themes, crafting tools, and weird supplies. Arm yourself with a glue gun and get ready!Sammy Ng
10/19/13Toward a Universe of Equals: The Past, Present and Future of Gender Equality in Science FictionRM302Among literary genres, speculative fiction stands at the forefront of shaping the future. Though technology has been greatly advanced thanks to these stories of tomorrow the depiction of gender parity has been slow to progress. This roundtable discussion explores the current state of gender equality in speculative fiction, as well as the course for the future, and invites the audience to give their own opinions on what form a universe of equals will take in the days to come.AprilJo Murphy, Crystal Connor, Danielle Myers, Michael Shean, Satyros Phil Brucato, Tina Shelton
10/19/13Getting Cheeky: The Making of HusbandsRM301Co-creator Jane Espenson discusses the successful release of the newest episodes of the award-winning series Husbands through CW digital. And in his first appearance for the show, Director Eli Gonda joins Espenson for a special look behind the scenes at the fun that went into the making of the new material. They will also discuss the future of the series and take questions fromξattendees.Eli Gonda, Jane Espenson
10/19/13äó†Try This at Home! With Crabcat IndustriesLL2äó†Convention carnies and featured artists on SyFy's Heroes of Cosplay and Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Channel, Holly Conrad (creature artist & the designer in Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope) and Jessica Merizan (costumed bard & community manager at BioWare) talk about rejecting reality, embracing escapism, and learning to make or do anything you can imagine. The ladies of Crabcat discuss the importance of having fun and why you have everything you need to start taking over the world--or at least the Internet. Join us for a body positive, gender-bending discussion on being more inclusive in cosplay!Holly Conrad, Jessica Merizan
10/19/13Costume ContestRM303Put on that costume--the one you've been planning all year, the one you've slaved over for hours and weeks, the one you love more than anything in the world--and come on down to the GeekGirlCon '13 Costume Contest! There will be prizes for different categories of costume. Stop by the Info Booth on Level One to enter and find out more. We can't wait to see what you come up with!Hosted by Rebecca M. Davis
10/19/13Wigs 101RM204We all love cosplayäóîit has become a staple of the convention scene. But wigs are an interesting beast. How do you know which to purchase? How do you wear it to make it look like real hairäóîand do you want it to look like real hair? Join us to learn the basics of picking out and wearing wigs to look your best when cosplaying.Kiri Callaghan
10/19/13Fan Studies: Past, Present, and Future(s)RM302Fan studies emerged out of intersections in television studies, feminist and queer theory, and (sub)cultural studies in the early 1990s. It has since grown into a robust and diverse field of scholarly work on fan communities and the transformative works they circulate. This roundtable conversation will survey the history of fan studies, discuss trends in contemporary fan scholarship (anti-fandom, fan labor, etc.), and speculate on the future(s) of the field. Anne Jamison, Jennifer K. Stuller, Julie Levin Russo, Suzanne Scott
10/19/13Fat Girl: Fan GirlRM301Most female geek heroes are a certain idealized body type: tall, skinny, buxom. The vast majority of female geek-wear is marketed to a similar shape.ŒæThis can make it murderously hard to feel included in parts of fandom.ŒæWe will discuss whether this is a product of size-bias against risquí© costumes on bigger girls, and share the best places to get geeky T-shirts higher in size than Junior Large. Haviva Avirom, Jo Jo Stiletto, Rachelle Abellar, Teka England
10/19/13Crowdfunding without Losing Your MindLL2Don't know your GoFundMe from your Kickstarter? Have a dream project that needs a little financial push and a lot of love from the community? If you're intimidated by the numbers, setting up a great pitch, filming your video or getting out of the planning phase, there are people who want to help. Planning before you start is just a part of the process. If you need to know it all, this is the session for you.Julie Haehn, Lillian Cohen-Moore, Nicole Lindroos, Shanna Germain
10/19/13Beyond Tomorrow: Empowering Female Makers and FansLL3Fandom has grown in size and presence over the years to become a powerful force. Now more than ever, fans are creating their own fan art and sharing it with the world online. Women are at the forefront of this fan movement. In this panel format we will discuss the success of YouTube channels, the changing roles of women within the world of online fan fiction and publication, and gender bending in cosplay. Jessica Bay, Kelaine Devine, Kristen Hutchinson
10/19/13Interaction Design: Make Your World Easier to UseLL3Are you passionate about technology and art or design? Do you want to find a career where you can have a hands-on, positive impact on people's lives? Interaction design (also known as user experience design) is a field that brings together principles of computer science, graphic design and psychology. In this hands-on workshop, you'll get a taste of what the field is all about, and a few example rules that interaction designers apply when doing their work. Cheryl Platz
10/19/13Is Star Trek a Feminist Utopia?RM302Star Trek creates a utopian vision of the future, but do the traditional groups still come out ahead? How was violence against women depicted? Would anything have been different if there had been regular gay characters? What would a more feminist Trek universe look like and how is that being created in fandom? We will discuss whether the Star Trek universe is a feminist utopia, or if there is still a lot of work to be done.Jamala Henderson, Jarrah Hodge, Mary Czerwinski, Tanya Feldman
10/19/13Laugh Riot: Comedy as a Tool of Social ChangeRM301Despite the "humorless feminist" strawman, more and more feminists have been making good use of comedy on TV, on stage, and online to combat oppression, to fight for women's rights, and sometimes just to cope with the misogyny we see every day in the media and in our day to day lives. How can we all use humor to combat sexism and other forms of bigotry?Amanda Marcotte, Kate Harding, Luvvie Ajayi, Rebecca Watson
10/19/13You Should Make Games!LL2Making a video game has never been easier, and yet popular game companies are often criticized for lacking diversity. Thatäó»s why the game industry needs you! Different perspectives are crucial now more than ever, and your unique life experiences and creativity can help. Game designers Miko Charbonneau and Katie Chironis will use their indie and professional experience to explain how to get started, even if youäó»re new to design, art, and/or programming. Bring your notebook, your questions, and your passion to learn!Katie Chironis, Miko Charbonneau
10/19/13The New Female Fantasy HeroLL3How does the new female hero in YA fantasy break traditional stereotypes and offer new challenges for teen readers? Are these female heroes really new or are storytellers doing a kind of role reversal, exchanging handbags for hand grenades? This panel takes an in-depth look at the challenges authors face when creating a female hero for modern day readers. Come add your insights and join the discussion.Cat Rambo, Danika Dinsmore, Dia Calhoun, Janet Lee Carey
10/19/13Ready-to-Wear SuperheroRM303The purpose of ready-to-wear superhero, disneybound, or costume cosplay fashions is to reflect (but not mimic) a character's costume. See a runway show of character-inspired fashions from comics, movies, television, and video games including the Avengers, the Justice League, Star Trek, Avatar, Disney, and Game of Thrones. After the fashion show, our panelist-models will discuss how they put together looks, and go over tips for building your ownäóîno matter which characters or fandoms you choose.@WonderAli, Anika Dane, Caroline Pruett, Kristine Hassell, Stefanie G. Kahler, Suzanne Walker, Vanessa Smith
10/19/13Rule 63 Costuming: The Whys and Hows of GenderbendingRM204For every given male character, there is a female version. Why is that? Why do some women dress as Superma'am not Supergirl? We'll talk about gender-bending versus cross-play. We'll also explore what makes a good gender-flipped character or costume design. It doesn't have to be sexualized to be fun and fabulous.Jonnalyhn Wolfcat Prill, Torrey Stenmark
10/19/13Geeks for Poetry, Poetry for GeeksRM301Join Redmond, Washingtonäó»s Poet Laureate, Jeannine Hall Gailey, to discuss how poetry can work for geeks, and how geeks can learn to love poetry. From comic book persona poems for the writer, to code-based poems for the computer geek, learn how to write for a geek audience, ways poetry can be geek-friendly and good places to publish "geek-themed" poetry.Jeannine Hall Gailey, Kelly Davio, Nicole Dieker, Tiffany Midge
10/19/13A Dignified Reading from Needles & ArtificeLL3Needles and Artifice: A Refined Adventure Story with Ingenious Knitting Patterns is not only a knitting book with an extremely long title; it's a steampunk adventure novella as well! Come hear a reading from the book to be followed with a Q&A from some of the twelve authors about steampunk, knitwear design, co-writing fiction, and anything else that comes upAimee Skeers, Jen Schripsema, Sarra Loew, Valerie DePietro
10/19/13SuperMOOC: Exploring Gender through Comic BooksRM302In the spring of 2013, Ball State ventured into the world of Massive, Open, Online Classes, also known as MOOCs. This online class was open to anyone around the world and it was free except for purchasing a selection of assigned comic books. This session will unveil the adventures of exploring gender using comics, the design of the course, the interview process with the comic creators, and the results of the class.Christina Blanch, Jen Van Meter, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Mark Waid
10/19/13Yuri Anime/Manga Battle!RM204Get ready to rumble anime and manga style! Team up with your like-minded peeps and answer trivia questions related to yuri anime and manga. See who knows more about each subjectäóîand learn a lot of awesome facts in the process! If you come a little late, join a team if you know the answer. Prizes for the team who knows the most, so come get bragging rights for the epic battle!Kristen Enos
10/19/13Standard Action the Webseries: Season 2 Screening and PanelRM302Standard Actionäó»s second season hit YouTube䋢 with a bang in December 2012 to continue the story of four misfit adventurers as they bumble through their quest to save the world from evil. Come and see select episodes from Season 2, and ask the team questions about the story, the Standard Action world, and their process. Hear about the Standard Action webcomic, the card game, and what's coming next in the Standard Action world... like Season 3!Edwin Perez, Jennifer Lyseng, Joanna Gaskell, Rob Hunt, Tara Pratt, Vanessa Driveness
10/19/13Where No Man Has Gone Before: The ShowRM303Where No Man Has Gone Before is a fully improvised parody of the original Star Trek TV series. The cast will use suggestions from attendees to create the world and plot of this all-ages show. Get ready to beam aboard!Cheryl Platz, Colin Madison, Doug Willott, Jeannine Clarke, Nick Schell, Oliver Trimble, Sam Hecker, Tony Beeman, Wayne Pishue
10/19/13Show Me How to NerdlesqueRM301Nerdlesque is a fantastical alchemy combining burlesque and sexy, brave, beautiful nerds of all shapes, sexes and sizes. Phasers replace feather boas, and D20s replace pastie tassels in this trend of modern burlesque. This session will cover a brief history, the art of the tease, how to get started, performer ethics, costumes, and more. Come willing to explore the sexy side of your favorite obsessions in a safe, supportive environment. This is an 18+ class.Jo Jo Stiletto, Rebecca M. Davis, Sailor St. Claire, Scarlett O'Hairdye
10/19/13Inside The Lizzie Bennet DiariesRM302The Lizzie Bennet Diaries was a ground-breaking modern-day transmedia adaptation of Pride and Prejudice applauded for its portrayal of female friendships in the context of a classic love story. Less widely known is that women were leaders in nearly every aspect of the production behind the scenes. Whether you're a fan, aspiring web creator, or transmedia veteran, come talk to the women who helped bring Lizzie to life.Alexandra Edwards, Jenni Powell, Kate Rorick, Katie Moest, Margaret Dunlap
10/19/13More than Skin-Deep: Fandom, Women, and Geek TattoosLL2More women than men have tattoos these days, and thereäó»s nothing like the joy of a perfect stranger recognizing the geek tattoo on your arm. Weäó»ll explore historical and sociological theories of tattoos with personal experience to explore and celebrate geek tattoos, with an emphasis on exploring why geek tattoos might be of particular importance to geek women. Get a pic of your tat to share with the GeekGirlCon world!AJ Burgin, Steve Stone, Stevi Costa, Taylor Boulware
10/19/13Geek Seekers Screening and PanelRM302Web series are gaining in popularity all over the world, gaining fans who donäó»t get enough programming for their preferences on network television. Geek Seekers is one of those web series, and GeekGirlCon has a screening to get you started! Join the co-hosts and director for discussion after the screening on web series, ghosts, Bigfoot, and gaming.Jen Page, Max Holechek, Monte Cook
10/19/13Imaginary Friends Screening and PanelRM303Two loners keep to themselves in Seattle, along with their imaginary friendsäóîuntil they find each other. Imaginary Friends is a new web series thatäó»s just started airing this year on YouTube. See a screening of the series, become its newest fans, and meet the peopleinvolved in its creation and production.Amy Mayes, Andre Nelson, Katherine Jett, Monika Holm, Sara Porkalob, Thom Morgan
10/19/13DIY Science ZoneDIY3ZONECome on down to the Do-It-Yourself Science Zone! Do some science, like spy chemistry, DNA extraction, and knitting a Mobius stripäóîand walk away knowing a little more science. Donäó»t worryäóîwe wonäó»t leave you there on your own; a team of trained GeekGirlCon scientists will be on hand to explain, demonstrate, and expound on the theories youäó»re experiencing. Donäó»t miss YOUR chance to be a GeekGirlCon scientist!Bethany Brookshire, Caleph Wilson, Charity Lovitt, Chemjobber, Danielle Lee, Emily Finke, Lali DeRosier, Marie Villabara, Matthew Francis, Melanie Mallon, Nicole Gugliucci, Rachael Ludwick, Raychelle Burks, Stephen Granade, Torrey Stenmark
10/19/13GeekGirlCONcert!EMPLEVEL3GeekGirlCon presents the GeekGirlCONcert at the EMP Museum! Join us for our traditional Saturday night performance, starting off withξcomedian Bri Pruett. Then get excited for the geek-tastic music of Unwoman and Marian Call. It's going to beξa fantastic close to day one of GeekGirlCon--don't miss it!Bri Pruett, Marian Call, Unwoman
10/19/13The Past, Present, and Future of Women in GamingRM101This panel includes a diverse group of women invested in addressing the game industryäó»s pervasive gender trouble. With an emphasis on sharing experiences and advice relevant to working and aspiring game industry professionals, and moving the conversation toward practical solutions, this roundtable discussion will address questions such as: Where do women fit into the game industry? What barriers and opportunities await those who venture into the fray?Carly Kocurek, Corrinne Yu, Meg Stivison
10/19/13How to Begin Your Career in Community ManagementRM101Community Management is the management of a common resource by a group of people. We can give you tips on how to start a career in Community Management and Social Media Marketing in the Games Industry. Come see us today!Andrea Cole, Melissa Dingmon
10/19/13Press Kit Hacks for Indie DevsRM101Most independent developers are focused on creating and releasing a great game, NOT on marketing it. But you don't need to need to be an experienced marketer or squeeze in a lot of buzzwords to create a great press kit. Solid press resources can save you time and stress! This workshop will discuss ways for independent game developers to produce a polished press kit, with indie resources.Meg Stivison
10/19/13How to Read & Understand Your Next Publishing ContractRM101Don't sign that contract until you attend this panel! Katie Lane and Caitlin DiMotta, attorneys dedicated to helping creators protect their rights and get paid fairly for their work, will show you how to read through your next contract. They'll help make sense of legalese, discuss different ways copyrights can be divvied up in a contract, and talk about some of the pros and cons of work-for-hire jobs. Caitlin DiMotta, Katie Lane
10/19/13Why Programming is the Perfect CareerRM101Being a programmer allows you to work on many exciting and challenging projects, with very bright womenäóîand men! This job can be flexibleäóîin an office environment or sometimes out of your homeäóîand it allows you to use creativity to build software thatäó»s easy to use as well as functional. Come learn that programming is a worthwhile and fun career that pays well.Diane Haelsig
10/19/13F5 NetworksRM101-BoothF5, global leader in Application Delivery Networking based in Seattle, makes the connected world run better. In fact, youäó»ve probably relied on F5 products dozens of times today and didnäó»t even know it. F5 helps organizations meet the relentless growth demands of increasing voice, data, and video traffic in both physical data centers and the information cloud. Come discuss careers with us!Jeanne Lewis
10/19/13Washington Interactive NetworkRM101-BoothWashington Interactive Network [WIN] is a nonprofit umbrella organization for the Interactive Media industry. WIN's mission is to promote the Seattle area as a hub for Interactive Media, nurture our educational institutions, and grow the workforce. Join us to nurture your interaction in the media industry.
10/19/13Women's Funding AllianceRM101-BoothHere at Women's Funding Alliance we envision a world where all women and girls have the opportunity to live, lead, and thrive. Our mission is to build leadership, drive community investments, and accelerate systemic change to improve the lives of women and girls in Washington State. Chat with us to help us achieve our mission.Sara Reyerson
10/19/13AmazonRM101-BoothWe're making history, and the great news is that we've only just begun! What do Amazon technical people do every day?ŒæIt isnäó»t just coding. Teams at Amazon run operations for some of the largest systems in the world. Other teams build Kindles or track your orders. Amazon engineers will be there to answer your questions!
10/19/13Cornish College of the ArtsRM101-BoothCornish College of the Arts is a four year college in Seattle, Washington. We offer degrees in art, dance, design, music, performance production, and theater. Find us in the GeekGirlConnections Room, and discover how we can turn your passion into a career.
10/19/13DigiPen Institute of TechnologyRM101-BoothDigiPen Institute of Technology, ranked by the Princeton Review as one of the top three colleges in North America for studying Game Design, has been located in Redmond, Washington for over a decade. DigiPen Institute of Technology is the center of one of the most rapidly developing software, game development, and technology hubs in the world. Come by and get more information about our programs.
10/19/13FIRST Robotics - Glacier Peak High SchoolRM101-BoothFIRST Robotics is a national organization with a mission to inspire youth to become science and technology leaders through mentorship programs.Lori Hittle
10/19/13Isilon Storage Division/EMCRM101-BoothSeattle-based EMC Isilon is the global leader in scale-out storage. Our mission is to remove the barriers that exist between businesses and their data. Come chat with us about powerful, simple ways to manage data and applications. Learn how to expect much more from your data storage.Annie Romas
10/19/13LiftPort GroupRM101-BoothThe Space Elevator was conceived by the LiftPort Group, founded in April 2003. The elevatoräó»s goal is to provide a mass transportation system to open up the vast opportunities that exist in space, many of which havenäó»t even been imagined yet! With the motto äóìChange the world or go home,äó LiftPort Group strives to make change a reality. Learn how you can be a part of this fascinating space project.Laurie Reynolds
10/19/13Microsoft Studios: Project Spark!RM101-BoothProject Spark is an open-world digital canvas that enables anyone to build, play, and share whatever they can imagine. Project Spark is currently being developed by Team Dakota at Microsoft Studios. We want to share our enthusiasm for this project with you!Kim McAuliffe
10/19/13Reel GrrlsRM101-BoothReel Grrls is an award-winning non-profit media arts and leadership training program for girls ages 9 äóñ 19. Reel Grrls envisions a world in which women and girls have leadership roles in creating media and are represented behind and in front of the camera. Come find out how you can be or help a Reel Grrl!Betsey Brock
10/19/13The Big-Brained Superheroes ClubRM101-BoothThe Big-Brained Superheroes Club is on a mission to tap into the hidden strengths that all young people have through the exploration of STE(A)M. Tap into yours!Meredith Wenger
10/19/13Western Washington UniversityRM101-BoothWestern Washington University's College of Sciences and Technology Scholars Program provides scholarships and supporting services to women interested in pursuing degrees in Computer Science or Mathematics. WWUäó»s Association for Women in Computing Club is focused on building an empowering environment for women majoring in computer science by providing opportunities for leadership, mentoring, outreach, and professional networking. Drop by and see how these programs shape students for the world today.
10/19/13MozRM101-BoothMoz is the worldäó»s most popular provider of inbound marketing and social monitoring software, as well as easy-to-use tools, tutorials, and educational resources to make marketing analytics accessible to everyone. More than just a software company, Moz has built a vibrant community of over 300,000 members. Mozzers can often be found trotting the globe. Weäó»ll share what it takes to be a Mozzer.Emmi Jensen, Sierra Murphy, Susan Sestak
10/19/13The Gamers: Hands of Fate--Screening and PanelRM303In the follow up film to cult hits The Gamers and the Gamers: Dorkness Rising, filmakers at ZOE tackle misogyny in geek culture with humor and heart. Inspired by abuse endured by female gamers, the film follows CCG player Natalieäó»s fight to save her game, while within the game, hero Myriad attempts to save her kingdom. The producer and cast will discuss the making of and show clips from film. Donäó»t miss the Q&A, and discuss the questions raised by the film.Ben Dobyns, Samara Lerman, Sarah Corn, Trin Miller
10/19/13Doom & GloomLL:GamingBest known as the creator of the Eberron campaign setting and the card game Gloom, designer Keith Baker will talking about games and running demos throughout the weekend. Stop by and try The Doom That Came To Atlantic City, the latest Gloom expansion Unquiet Dead, or get an early peek at Keith's new RPG Phoenix: Nine Deaths!Keith Baker
10/19/13Media Signing: Amber BensonMS6Amber Benson
10/19/13Media Signing: Anika DaneMS3Anika Dane
10/19/13Media Signing: Anne JamisonMS5Anne Jamison
10/19/13Media Signing: Aomawa ShieldsMS4Aomawa Shields
10/19/13Media Signing: Bonnie BurtonMS6Bonnie Burton
10/19/13Media Signing: Cat RamboMS5Cat Rambo
10/19/13Media Signing: Cecil CastellucciMS2Cecil Castellucci
10/19/13Media Signing: Anything That Loves PanelistsMS2Charles "Zan" Christensen
10/19/13Media Signing: Danielle MyersMS5Danielle Myers
10/19/13Media Signing: Danika DinsmoreMS3Danika Dinsmore
10/19/13Media Signing: Eli GondaMS2Eli Gonda
10/19/13Media Signing: Elizabeth GuizzettiMS2Elizabeth Guizzetti
10/19/13Media Signing: Faith McKayMS2Faith McKay
10/19/13Media Signing: Hilary Heskett ShapiroMS3Hilary Heskett Shapiro
10/19/13Media Signing: Jane EspensonMS1Jane Espenson
10/19/13Media Signing: Janet Lee CareyMS4Janet Lee Carey
10/19/13Media Signing: Javier Grillo-MarxuachMS3Javier Grillo-Marxuach
10/19/13Media Signing: Jeannine Hall GaileyMS1Jeannine Hall Gailey
10/19/13Media Signing: Jen Van MeterMS5Jen Van Meter
10/19/13Media Signing: Jenn FujikawaMS5Jenn Fujikawa
10/19/13Media Signing: Kelly DavioMS6Kelly Davio
10/19/13Media Signing: Anything That Loves PanelistsMS1Kevin Boze
10/19/13Media Signing: Michael SheanMS3Michael Shean
10/19/13Media Signing: Miellyn Fitzwater BarrowsMS2Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows
10/19/13Media Signing: Mike MadridMS6Mike Madrid
10/19/13Media Signing: Anything That Loves PanelistsMS3Nick Leonard
10/19/13Media Signing: Patrick WeekesMS1Patrick Weekes
10/19/13Media Signing: Rob SalkowitzMS4Rob Salkowitz
10/19/13Media Signing: Ruby BlondellMS5Ruby Blondell
10/19/13Media Signing: Sandra M. OdellMS1Sandra M. Odell
10/19/13Media Signing: Sarah KuhnMS1Sarah Kuhn
10/19/13Media Signing: Sarah RocheleauMS3Sarah Rocheleau
10/19/13Media Signing: Tiffany MidgeMS4Tiffany Midge
10/19/13Wicked Witch's HatPhoto2
10/19/13Media Signing: Greg RuckaMS6#N/A
10/19/13Media Signing: Mark WaidMS4Mark Waid
10/19/13Readings: Elizabeth Guizzetti and Sandra M. OdellRM204Donäó»t miss this double feature from authors Elizabeth Guizzetti and Sandra M. Odell! Elizabeth will be reading from her debut hard science fiction novel Other Systems and then preview her next epic fantasy, The Martlet. Trailers for both of Elizabethäó»s works will be shown and swag will be handed out. Sandra reads from Nene, her YA steampunk novel set in 1852 Hawaii. From the book: äóìNoelani and her brother Hiapo are finalists in a contest to build the first aero-flyer in the Kingdom of Hawaii, a world where Victorian sensibilities and Hawaiian traditions are at odds with one another. Noelani must walk the paths of two worlds, while exploring unexpected feelings for a new friend and forging her own future.äóElizabeth Guizzetti, Sandra M. Odell
10/19/13Media Signing: Nicole DiekerMS2Nicole Dieker