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Panel Description
10/20/13Console Game Room with EA / PopCap GamesLL5Electronics Art/PopCap Games is hosting another fun Game Room at GeekGirlCon äó»13! GeekGirlCon attendees will have access to fun PopCap Games along with other awesome EA titles that can be enjoyed either on the XBOX 360 or iPads available for everyone to play on. There will be EA and PopCap staff members on hand to answer any questions you have about the games, and they will help you learn how to master them!

This year in the EA/PopCap Game Room,ξenter a raffle to win some amazing prizes, including game consoles, EA game prize packs, cool PopCap swag, and so much more! All proceeds from the raffle will be donated to a local Seattle charity whoseξmissionξencourages girls--elementary school all the way through high school--to seek education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and create a path to a successful career in these fields. Check out the prize drawing times in the gaming area and be there to claim your prize!
10/20/13Game Lending LibraryLL1The Game Lending Library will be open on Sunday for you and your friends to try out a new tabletop game, replay some old favorites, and maybe meet some new friends along the way! Come down to the Workshop Room and discover your new game night favorite! Come see the selection of games available. Sponsored by Go To Games.Go To Games
10/20/13Story GamesLL:GamingStoryGames is peer-to-peer tabletop RPGsäóîwithout a GM! Experience Fiasco, Inspectors, Dogs in the Vineyard, Ghost/Echo, Shock, Silver and White, The Dreaming Crucible, and more! Most Story Games are role play heavy and rules light--and a fantastic introduction to tabletop gaming.
10/20/13Go To GamesLL:GamingGo To Games is a division of Roll To Market LLC, focused on representing small game publishers at conventions. At GeekGirlCon 2013, Go To Games will bring the new Dice Rings company Crit Success, along with Atlas Games, Looney Labs, Passport Game Studios, Signalfire Studios, andWildfire. Games available for demo and sale include Gloom, Once Upon A Time, Fluxx The Board Game, Cthulhu Fluxx, Zombie Fluxx, Star Fluxx, Tokaido, Ace Detectives, Castaways, Building An Elder God, and Nuts. Come play with us!
10/20/13Steve Jackson GamesLL:GamingSteve Jackson Games produces over a hundred varieties of board, card, and dice games with geeky twists. Zombies, Cthulhu, and conspiracy games are represented in their arsenal, but they may be best known for Munchkin, a card game of treasure hunting and backstabbing! Try your hand at some card-based dungeon dives here!
10/20/13ValorLL:GamingValor is a new tabletop system which allows in-game characters to dramatically increase their performance in both combat and challenge scenes. The system focuses on flexibility in order to allow GMs and players to make and interact in any setting without specific roles or arbitrary play requirements. Come see what makes this system stand out, and experience it for yourself! Ages teen and up, please.
10/20/13Green Ronin PublishingLL:GamingGreen Ronin Publishing is dedicated to the art of great games. Since 2000, Green Ronin has established a reputation for quality and innovation. Stop by the Green Ronin table, say hello, and get to know Green Ronin. Weäó»ll be there to help you learn to play our award-winning games!
10/20/13PaizoLL:GamingThe Pathfinder Roleplaying Game is an evolution of the world's oldest fantasy roleplaying game. Throughout GeekGirlCon, weäó»ll be running 1-hour demonstrations from the Pathfinder Beginner Box. These short adventures are a perfect introduction both to Pathfinder and the entire genre of d20 roleplaying games. With strict policies against bullying and player-vs.-player dynamics, Pathfinder Society groups provide a fun, welcoming environment for roleplayers of all ages.
10/20/13Wizards of the CoastLL:GamingWhether youäó»re an experienced dungeon crawler, new to the genre, or a youngster looking to get into games, Wizards of the Coast has something for you! Check out whatäó»s new in the realm of Magic: The Gathering, delve your way into some Dungeons and Dragons, or get to know the art of Kaijudo: Duel Masters. Weäó»ll see you there!
10/20/13Bhaloidam AdventureLL:GamingBhaloidam is designed from the core out to help you tell stories collaboratively in any genre, with any theme, at any length. In other words, Bhaloidam focuses on the storytelling, not on the story being told. Bhaloidam encourages players to work collaboratively, to build trust and expertise, and to take risks and explore new approaches to storytelling. Stop by the Bhaloidam table and try it out!
10/20/13Cheapass GamesLL:GamingCheapass Games believes that fun shouldnäó»t come with a high price tag. Cheapass has been making affordable, high quality, high fun games since 1996 and wants to share them with you. Come by the table to see how much awesome fun you can have on a budget. Weäó»ll be on hand to show you what youäó»ve been looking for!
10/20/13RPGs with AndyLL:GamingJoin RPG master and returning favorite GM Andy Munich (The 8 Hour Gamer) to learn and play RPGs. New players and seasoned campaigners are welcome. Check out the gaming floor for times and more details. RPGs include Dread, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Ghosts of Albion, Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Play something youäó»ve never played before, or return to an old favorite!Andy Munich
10/20/13Tabletop GamingLL4Head down to the Lower Level for the fabulous Gaming Floor full of games free to play.Bhaloidam Adventure , Cheapass Games , Doom & Gloom, Go To Games, Green Ronin Publishing, Paizo, Steve Jackson Games, Story Games, Valor, Wizards of the Coast
10/20/13(Re)creating Female Sexuality in ComicsRM204Female sexuality in comics is generally perceived as wholly negative and disempowering. Panelists from a University of Washington course on womenäó»s comics will examine how women-created comics simultaneously subvert existing representations and celebrate womenäó»s sexuality. The goal is to engage in a community discussion of the role of female comic book creators in the industry, and inspire attendees to produce their own works.Coren Idle, Elk Paauw, Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges, Ryker Hodge Attili, Sierra Bott
10/20/13Writing for Roleplaying GamesLL3Learn tips and tricks to break into writing for the role playing game world! Writers who want to start working for RPG companies, players who are interested in topics of diversity and inclusiveness, and geeks of all stripes who want a behind the scenes look at RPG writing will enjoy this panel. There will be lots of time for Q&A, and hopefully youäó»ll get that push youäó»ve been looking for to get into RPG writing.Amber Scott
10/20/13Building the Mystery: A Character Creation WorkshopRM204Join the Talaria Press (TalP) founder team for a fun interactive discussion of what makes an interesting character. Hear insights from our TalP authors on the character creation process. Following our brief chat, weäó»ll turn the reins over to you. Help us create a fantastic new character to feature prominently in an upcoming TalP anthology! All participants will also be named in the acknowledgements of the anthology and in promotional postings on our website.Garth Reasby, H.L. Reasby, Quiana Kirkland, Ren Cummins
10/20/13Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Fan PhenomenaRM301/302Few could have predicted the enduring affection inspired by Joss Whedonäó»s television series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. With its origins in a script Whedon wrote for a 1992 feature film of the same name, the series far outpaced its source material. Fan Phenomena: Buffy the Vampire Slayer explores how this continued devotion is internalized, celebrated, and critiqued. Learn how the show permeates our cultural consciousness through new narrative, academia, language, and political activism.Amy Peloff, Clinton McClung, Jane Espenson, Jennifer K. Stuller, Jo Jo Stiletto, Suzanne Scott
10/20/13Romance is a Feminist GenreRM303Romance is sometimes sneered at, even among women who think romance novels only contain helpless females in need of rescue. Nothing could be further from the truth. Join a lineup of writers from the world of romance and fandom and learn how 'romance' is really just another word for a great 'ship. We'll examine our favorite geeky romances of canon and fandom, and how they are empowering for all women.Barbara Caridad Ferrer, Corrina Lawson, Karen Harbaugh, Katt S, Suzette Chan
10/20/13Geek Girls in Higher EducationLL2Women in interactive media design in higher education have a unique set of barriers both within and outside the classroom. Gender stereotypes played out in the school setting can be a hindrance to gaining much needed experience and can make team work challenging. Traditional recruitment tactics can make entrance into some programs difficult for underrepresented groups. Our specialty is exploring the intersection between people and technology, emphasizing technology as a way to engage in conversations about social justice.Aina Braxton, Cora Walker, Elyssa Grant, Emma Clithero-Michaels, Eva Hoerth, Simone de Rochefort
10/20/13Authentic Avatars: Your Virtual Existence and SuperpowersLL3Your avataräóîyour own personal brandäóîis a visual and visceral representation of you. Discover how to create an expressive, consistent, and genuine avatar appearance that articulates your authentic motivation and differentiates you, your cause, and your business from other avatars. Learn how to build a team of superheroes through positive and productive attraction, dedication, and inspiration to make the most of their innovative abilities for good.Renne Emiko Brock-Richmond
10/20/13Esperanto: La Internacia LingvoRM204An estimated two million people worldwide speak Esperanto, a "bridge language" designed 150 years ago to bring culturally and geographically diverse people together. If you're unfamiliar with Esperanto, this presentation will show you how the language works, and also how learning this auxiliary language can help you connect with people all over the world...And if you're already an enthusiast, stop by to see interesting Esperanto artifacts and hear some amusing historical anecdotes.Berlynn Wohl
10/20/13Karen Prell: The Career of a Muppeteer--and a Performance by Red Fraggle!RM301/302Karen Prell has been part of the Jim Henson family since 1980, performing first on Sesame Street, and later as Red Fraggle on Fraggle Rock, and The Worm in the film Labyrinth. Since then, Prell has become a computer animator and a game animator. There will also be an exclusive performance by Red Fraggle--not to be missed!Karen Prell, Red Fraggle
10/20/13Geek Girl Jobs: The Women of EMP MuseumRM303Four representatives of the EMP Museumäó»s departmentsäóîincluding programming, exhibit design, artifact preservation, and interactive designäóîwill be on hand to answer questions about their work, the EMP Museum, and the inner workings of the EMP. Each presenter will discuss the work they do behind EMP exhibits and events and what it took to land in the career of their choosing.Addy Frohlich, Aleen Adams, Ariane Westin-McCaw, Melissa Robinson
10/20/13How to Build Inclusive & Welcoming Game CommunitiesLL2Always enjoyedξplaying board games? Love the idea of painting miniatures? How do you create your own gaming meet-ups? Our panelists will give you tips on creating game groups, finding public game meet-ups, and enjoying gaming conventions as a newbie. Want to be a better organizer? We'll work with you to build positivity in your current groups, how to find new players, and how to encourage their participation.Donna Prior
10/20/13The Changing Role of the Character of ColorRM204The disposable Character of Color trope seems to have disappeared from Hollywood's horror, sci-fi, and fantasy offerings. Is this gone for good, or has it simply been replaced by new tropes of the comic-relief sidekick and the self-sacrificing savior? Have these genres exchanged one form of disposability with another? Is the Character of Color fully formed, or just a prop for white main characters? Panelists will discuss numerous examples of Characters of Color to probe changing tropes.Danielle Lee, Kristine Hassell, Lali Derosier, Raychelle Burks, Stephen Granade
10/20/13#1ReasonWhy: Play to Win (or the Real World of Women in the Games Industry)RM301/302The hashtags #1ReasonWhy and #1ReasonToBe exploded on Twitter last year, exposing the challenges women face in the games industry and providing a platform for women to affirm their love for making games. Panelists will relate their experiences, share wisdom they wish they had when starting out, and suggest strategies for negotiating everyday life as a woman in the games industry. If you want to work in games, whether theyäó»re pen-and-paper or video games, you wonäó»t want to miss this panel!Anna Megill, Cameron Harris, Donna Prior, Filamena Young, Jennifer Brandes Hepler, Jessica Price
10/20/13Life as a Lone Wolf: Tips for a Successful Freelance CareerRM303Working for yourself can be tricky. Itäó»s tough to wear every hat in a budding business. Everything from dealing with taxes to keeping motivated and maintaining your creativity can be a challenge when working on your own. We explore how to draw the lines between work and play, when to work for free, creating your own opportunities, and figuring out where to invest your timeäóîall while keeping your sanity intact.Bonnie Burton, Hilary Heskett Shapiro, Holly Conrad, Jessica Merizan, Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows
10/20/13Gaming and Comics PanelLL2This panel will roll the dice, slay the ogre, and even share comics its panelists have created based on the mechanics of board games. Various creators will talk about how gaming plays into their creative process, such as in character creation, world-building, and pulling the reader back in for multiple plays/readings. If any of these topics intrigue you, you canäó»t miss this panel!Donna Almendrala, Jen Van Meter, Jen Vaughn, Kristy Valenti
10/20/13Unleash Your Inner Superhero: Courage Guaranteed, Cape OptionalLL3Who hasn't wanted to live a bold, brave life like Wonder Woman or Lara Croft? Most times the only thing stopping us from doing great things is fear. In this workshop, participants will work out their courage muscle and learn how to develop a better relationship with fear. Knowing how to feel the fear and do it anyway will help participants realize their full potential. Kai Soremekun
10/20/13A Book of One's Own: How to Make a ZineRM204Create your own zine! We will share a little history (especially of local zines), explain the different ways that one can make them, and what you need to complete your own zine. Following creation, weäó»ll cover distribution, trades, and buyersäóîeverything you need to be on your way to publishing your own zine.Breanne Boland
10/20/13Spotlight on Kelly Sue DeConnickRM301/302Kelly Sue DeConnick has worked in the comic book industry for the last decade, writing comics and adapting manga into English including the scripts for Kare First Love, Black Cat, Sexy Voice and Robo, and Blue Spring (among others!). Come hear Kelly Sue talk about her career, and the state of women in comics as both characters and creators. Kelly Sue DeConnick, Moderated by Jennifer K. Stuller
10/20/13A Community Divided: Bullying within the Cosplay Community and How to Solve the ProblemRM303From 4chan to Tumblr, the Internet has created an anonymous forum where belittling and trash talk have become the norm, and standing up for someone isn't noble. In this panel we will be discussing the types of bullying prevalent in the cosplay community, the concept of "white knighting," our own personal experiences with bullying, and how bullying is affecting attracting potential cosplayers.Christopher Vance, Erin Burke, Katie Murphy, Lauren Crosson, Moderated by Stephen Wilson, Son Young Yu
10/20/13How to (or Should You?) Start a Geek BusinessLL2Discuss how to (and more importantly, should you?) start a business based on your geek passion. Is being a huge fan of comics enough to make a living owning a comic book store? Explore the challenges, perils, and rewards of a geek-based business. Discuss whether you can you turn your hobby into a livable income, and where to start when thinking of starting a business.Bronwyn Detlofsen, äó†Cecil Longino, äó†Stephanie Zimmerman
10/20/13The Toughest Job You'll Ever Hate, but do Anyway: Workday Women WarriorsLL3Join Kathrynne Wolf - writer, producer and lead actress of the action/drama web series The Scarlet Lineäóîin a discussion of women of action who rely on their wits and skills rather than on superpowers. This panel will premiere clips from The Scarlet Line as examples of drawing inspiration from history and creating plausible role models for the next generations of geek girls. Dawn "Sam" Alden, Kathrynne Wolf
10/20/13Bringing Your Writing to Life with the Spoken WordRM204With hard copy publishing in an odd state of flux, one option for self-publishing is turning your stories into audio books or full-cast audio dramas. The rise of the iPod culture has created a generation ravenous for listening material, and you can tap that market. Learn to exercise your vocal cords to reach a new audience thirsty for words!Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard, Julie Hoverson, Kimberly Poole, Rhys Torres-Miller
10/20/13Star Wars: More Than A Boysäó» FranchiseRM301/302New Star Wars storiesäóîfrom comics and novels to television and feature filmsäóîoffer exciting avenues for female fans to experience the galaxy far, far away. Sometimes the scope of the existing franchise can seem daunting to newcomers. From cosplay to collecting to casual fandom, this panel will discuss the many opportunities for new and existing fans to enjoy Star Warsäóîand make new friendships along the way.Amy Ratcliffe, Linda Hansen Raj, Lisa Granshaw, Meg Humphrey, Tricia Barr
10/20/13All the Real Girls: Creating Real Girls in ComicsRM303Comic books aren't just made up of superheroes wearing revealing outfits and bending in strange and unnatural ways. There are a slew of real girls in comics. Join comic book creators and editors as they discuss the ways in which all kinds of girls make it to the page and the ways in which we still have to fight to take care that the industry keeps it real when writing comics with and for girls.Cecil Castellucci, Hope Larson, Kel McDonald, Mariah Huehner
10/20/13The Family Who Games Together: Gaming with your Kids...AND Your ParentsLL2As the first generation of gamers has become parents, the perceptions and definitions of games and families began to change quickly. Do gamer girls stop being gamers when they become moms? What about gamer dads? Did you get into games because of a parent? This panel will discuss the assumptions, perceptions, trials, and tribulations that come along with being a multi-generational gaming family.Ann Lemay, Jessica Merizan, Julie Bloom, Karin Weekes, Kris Schoenberg, Mel Flemming
10/20/13Where No Woman has Gone Before: Creation of Geeky Theater by Women, for EveryoneLL3Seattle Experimental Theater has been bringing geeky original theatre to Seattle since 2011. This is a rare company in a difficult field, and all company staff members also happen to be kick-ass women. Join SET founder Jeannine Clarke, SET Stage Manager Samantha Hecker, and SET Digital Media Coordinator and cast member Cheryl Platz as they discuss the challenges and successes of their theatrical journey.Cheryl Platz, Jeannine Clarke, Samantha Hecker
10/20/13Steampunk Knitted Fashions with the Ladies of MischiefRM204Come see the innovative and attractive knitwear designs of the Ladies of Mischief! Though the book and the designs are steampunk, the knitwear is easily incorporated into everyday outfits. The Ladies will demonstrate both daywear and steampunk ensembles utilizing the designs from their knitting book Needles and Artifice.Aimee Skeers, Chris Bolt, Jen Schripsema, Sarra Loew, Valerie DePietro
10/20/13Itäó»s Not Too Dangerous to go Alone: Finding the Bravery to Do It YourselfLL2How long have you been thinking about starting that webcomic? Producing that video game? Writing that story? Feel scared? Join the club! Just don't let it stop you! We'll learn how to navigate through self-doubt, motivational issues and lack of know-how on the way to creating your masterpiece. Hear tips from unique creator perspectives, and learn how to ensure your creation comes to life.Hilary Heskett Shapiro, Kara Helgren, Kenna Conklin, Marian Call, Miellyn Fitzwater Barrows
10/20/13Let's Hear it for the Boys of Doctor WhoRM303In the 50 year history of Doctor Who there have been 15 male companions that have either been featured for entire seasons or over multi-episode story arcs. And that's not counting male companions that have appeared in Doctor Who novels, comics, or audio plays. What, if anything, changes in the writing and the types of stories depending on the gender of the Doctor's companions, and when are those differences a good thing or a bad thing?Erica McGillivray, K.T. Bradford, Mac Rogers
10/20/13[[[ROOM CLOSED]]]RM301/302[[[[ROOM CLOSED]]]]]
10/20/13QUEER GEEK!: Women in Gaymer CommunitiesLL2With the rise of the gay gamer sub culture, do women feel comfortable in these queer-oriented communities? How are their experiences in these queer spaces similar or different than in geek culture at large? Join us for a lively discussion about these new communities and how women are interacting with them.Ashley Cook, Benjamin Williams, Crystal Frasier, Kelsey Wesley, Samantha Kalman
10/20/13Closing CelebrationRM301/302Come out for a final gathering with your GeekGirlCon community before saying goodbye until 2014. The Doubleclicks will perform äóìNothing to Proveäó and there will be other surprises as well. Don't miss it!
10/20/13DIY Science ZoneDIY3ZONECome on down to the Do-It-Yourself Science Zone! Do some science, like spy chemistry, DNA extraction, and knitting a Mobius stripäóîand walk away knowing a little more science. Donäó»t worryäóîwe wonäó»t leave you there on your own; a team of trained GeekGirlCon scientists will be on hand to explain, demonstrate, and expound on the theories youäó»re experiencing. Donäó»t miss YOUR chance to be a GeekGirlCon scientist!Bethany Brookshire, Caleph Wilson, Charity Lovitt, Chemjobber, Danielle Lee, Emily Finke, Lali DeRosier, Marie Villabara, Matthew Francis, Melanie Mallon, Nicole Gugliucci, Rachael Ludwick, Raychelle Burks, Stephen Granade, Torrey Stenmark
10/20/13Spotlight on Denise CrosbyRM301/302GeekGirlCon '13 is proud to announce the appearance of Denise Crosby! Known to legions of Star Trek: The Next Generation fan as Lt. Tasha Yar, Crosby has worked steadily in TV and films throughout her career. She will also be signing autographs and taking pictures in the Exhibitor Hall on Saturday and Sunday.Denise Crosby, Moderated by Jamala Henderson
10/20/13Women in Comics: What's Left to DoLL3Founded in 1998, Sequential Tart has been a constant supporter of women in all facets of comics, from creators to fans. The all-woman, multi-faceted volunteer staff that creates the content every week has been witness to a lot of change for the better in the industry, but there is more to do. This panel will discuss the current state of women in comics and how that could improve.Corrina Lawson, Sheena McNeil, Stephanie Chan, Suzette Chan
10/20/13Blogging and Social Media Workshop/Q&ARM101We'll talk strategies for blogging and social media (content creation, discovering your target audience, building your brand, finding advertisers, etc.) and we will also offer on the spot critiques of attendees' blogs, websites, or social media platforms.Amber Osborne, Cora Harrington, Lauren Hall-Stigerts
10/20/13User Experience DesignRM101User Experience Design (aka Interaction Design) is a field that combines elements of computer science, graphic design, and psychology. It's a growing and fulfilling career track that allows you to collaborate with other passionate people to improve software for the people using it. Interested? Join us for a Q&A session to learn more about this exciting and growing field!Cheryl Platz
10/20/13Breaking into the Media IndustryRM101The media and communications industry can be difficult to navigate, especially in today's ever-changing digital age. It's also a traditionally male field, and hard for women to break intoäóîbut not impossible. If you have questions about how to make yourself stand out or about what it's like to be a writer for an online publication, this panel can start answering your questions.Lisa Granshaw
10/20/13Careers in ScienceRM101Did you know that you could be a scientist when you grew up? It is possible to turn a love of discovery into a career. Trained scientists now take on a wide range of careers including professor, observer, researcher, theorist, teacher, outreach coordinator, engineer, financial analyst, writer, and more. Come explore options for advanced degrees in science, and make your dream a reality.Jerry Nguyen, Morgan Woroner, Nicole Gugliucci
10/20/13Biotechnology and Robots!RM101Biology and robots: a match made in heaven. Robots are everywhere: movies, factories, battlefields, and our homes. Did you know that the biotechnology industry also uses robots extensively? Find out how biological research makes use of robots, computers, and mathematics.I-Wei Feng
10/20/13Pitch Practice SessionRM101Nothing makes an authoräó»s heart pound like pitching to an agent or editor in person! But with knowledge and practice, any writer can build confidence and ace her pitches. Come join this two-part workshop and get up-to-date information from pros, as well as roleplaying a one-on-one pitch session. Writers get a rare chance to hone and define their pitch with the help of comprehensive feedback.Phoebe Kitanidis, Suzanne Brahm
10/20/13F5 NetworksRM101-BoothF5, global leader in Application Delivery Networking based in Seattle, makes the connected world run better. In fact, youäó»ve probably relied on F5 products dozens of times today and didnäó»t even know it. F5 helps organizations meet the relentless growth demands of increasing voice, data, and video traffic in both physical data centers and the information cloud. Come discuss careers with us!Jeanne Lewis
10/20/13Cornish College of the ArtsRM101-BoothCornish College of the Arts is a four year college in Seattle, Washington. We offer degrees in art, dance, design, music, performance production, and theater. Find us in the GeekGirlConnections Room, and discover how we can turn your passion into a career.
10/20/13DigiPen Institute of TechnologyRM101-BoothDigiPen Institute of Technology, ranked by the Princeton Review as one of the top three colleges in North America for studying Game Design, has been located in Redmond, Washington for over a decade. DigiPen Institute of Technology is the center of one of the most rapidly developing software, game development, and technology hubs in the world. Come by and get more information about our programs.
10/20/13Isilon Storage Division/EMCRM101-BoothSeattle-based EMC Isilon is the global leader in scale-out storage. Our mission is to remove the barriers that exist between businesses and their data. Come chat with us about powerful, simple ways to manage data and applications. Learn how to expect much more from your data storage.Annie Romas
10/20/13LiftPort GroupRM101-BoothThe Space Elevator was conceived by the LiftPort Group, founded in April 2003. The elevatoräó»s goal is to provide a mass transportation system to open up the vast opportunities that exist in space, many of which havenäó»t even been imagined yet! With the motto äóìChange the world or go home,äó LiftPort Group strives to make change a reality. Learn how you can be a part of this fascinating space project.Laurie Reynolds
10/20/13Microsoft Studios: Project Spark!RM101-BoothProject Spark is an open-world digital canvas that enables anyone to build, play, and share whatever they can imagine. Project Spark is currently being developed by Team Dakota at Microsoft Studios. We want to share our enthusiasm for this project with you!Kim McAuliffe
10/20/13Reel GrrlsRM101-BoothReel Grrls is an award-winning non-profit media arts and leadership training program for girls ages 9 äóñ 19. Reel Grrls envisions a world in which women and girls have leadership roles in creating media and are represented behind and in front of the camera. Come find out how you can be or help a Reel Grrl!Betsey Brock
10/20/13The Big-Brained Superheroes ClubRM101-BoothThe Big-Brained Superheroes Club is on a mission to tap into the hidden strengths that all young people have through the exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STE(A)M). Tap into yours!Meredith Wenger
10/20/13Washington Interactive NetworkRM101-BoothWashington Interactive Network [WIN] is a nonprofit umbrella organization for the Interactive Media industry. WIN's mission is to promote the Seattle area as a hub for Interactive Media, nurture our educational institutions, and grow the workforce. Join us to nurture your interaction in the media industry.
10/20/13Opportunities for Women on YouTubeLL3Many women are turning to YouTube for myriad reasons, with an explosion of content. From geek baking shows to comic reviews to mythology to makeup tutorials: there are tons of opportunities for women in the YouTube space. Learn how to effectively use YouTube to meet your goals, whether you want to share knowledge, make money, or become a star!Holly Conrad, Jenni Powell, Jessica Merizan, Kiri Callaghan, Margaret Dunlap, Sarah Rodriguez
10/20/13Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: How Feminism Has Changed Pop CultureRM303Popular culture has a huge effect on our identities, our beliefs about gender, race, and class, and our sense of possibility. Women's movements and popular culture together have also affected each other, and this panel will explore the idea that feminism has permeated popular culture in a variety of ways, from rhetoric to authorship. Does the äóìpostfeminist eraäó pop culture marketed to us reflect the idea that feminism has achieved its goals and served its purpose?Amy Peloff, Andi Zeisler, Anita Sarkeesian
10/20/13Ladies of the 80s Sing AlongRM301/302This teased-hair, leg warmer-wearing, jelly-bracelet-fueled sing-along/dance party features the iconic videos (with sing along subtitles) of the goddesses of 80s pop music: Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, Blondie, The Eurythmics, Janet Jackson, Debbie Gibson, and a certain material girl known as Madonna. Be prepared to get physical and be kissed deadly; hearts will be eclipsed; your love will be jumped for; voices will be carried; and girls will have fun. Oh yeah, girls will have fun.Hosted by Clinton McClung
10/20/13TableauRM101-BoothFounded by an Academy-Award winning professor, a brilliant computer scientist, and a savvy business leader, Tableau Software is a computer software company that specializes in interactive data visualizations, which make databases and spreadsheets understandable to ordinary people. Tableau aims to demystify data and design products for people, empowering them with analytical tools they can use.
10/20/13Doom & GloomLL:GamingBest known as the creator of the Eberron campaign setting and the card game Gloom, designer Keith Baker will talking about games and running demos throughout the weekend. Stop by and try The Doom That Came To Atlantic City, the latest Gloom expansion Unquiet Dead, or get an early peek at Keith's new RPG Phoenix: Nine Deaths!Keith Baker
10/20/13Media Signing: Needles and Artifice PanelistsMS2
10/20/13Media Signing: Needles and Artifice PanelistsMS3
10/20/13Media Signing: Needles and Artifice PanelistsMS4
10/20/13Media Signing: Needles and Artifice PanelistsMS1Aimee Skeers
10/20/13Media Signing: Corrina LawsonMS1Corrina Lawson
10/20/13Media Signing: Garth ReasbyMS4Garth Reasby
10/20/13Media Signing: H.L. ReasbyMS3H.L. Reasby
10/20/13Media Signing: Hope LarsonMS4Hope Larson
10/20/13Media Signing: Jennifer K. StullerMS2Jennifer K. Stuller
10/20/13Media Signing: Kel McDonaldMS3Kel McDonald
10/20/13Media Signing: Kelly Sue DeConnickMS1Kelly Sue DeConnick
10/20/13Media Signing: Mariah HuehnerMS5Mariah Huehner
10/20/13Media Signing: Marian CallMS6Marian Call
10/20/13Media Signing: Ren CumminsMS2Ren Cummins
10/20/13Media Signing: UnwomanMS6Unwoman
10/20/13Karen Prell & Red FragglePhoto2Karen Prell, Red Fraggle
10/20/13BioWareRM101-BoothBioWare develops high-quality console, PC, and online role-playing games focused on rich stories, unforgettable characters, and vast worlds to discover. Since 1995, BioWare has created some of the world's most critically acclaimed titles, including Baldur's Gate䋢, Neverwinter Nights䋢, Star Wars䋢: Knights of the Old Republic䋢, Jade Empire䋢, Mass Effect䋢, and Dragon Age䋢. BioWare operates in Edmonton, Alberta; Montreal, Quebec; and Austin, Texas. In 2008, BioWare was acquired by Electronic Arts, a leading global interactive entertainment publisher.

Currently announced projects at BioWare include the ongoing support of the Mass Effect franchise, one of the highest rated video game series of all time; Dragon Age: Inquisition, the highly anticipated sequel and next entry in the Dragon Age franchise; and Star Wars䋢: The Old Republic䋢, a story-driven massively multiplayer online game.

10/20/13Cascade Game FoundryRM101-BoothCascade Game Foundry (CGF) specializes in reality-based video games that enable people to explore the world from home. In their first independent release, Infinite ScubaŒ¬, players experience the thrill and serenity of scuba diving in real-world locations. Players collect branded scuba gear, identify wildlife, find artifacts, and take photos to share with friends, while learning about marine biology, dive science, and history. They are partnered with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), Mission Blue (Sylvia Earle Alliance), and over twenty dive equipment manufacturers. Their game is also featured in the Sea Monsters Revealed: Aquatic Bodiesexhibit at the Georgia Aquarium.